The Hive
February 26, 2021

Book Review

The Hive

Gregg Olsen

reviewed by Cara DiCostanzo



The Hive is Gregg Olsen at his finest. Exciting, anxiety provoking, and twisty. I could not put it down until the very last page.

Detective Lindsay Jackman has been called to a murder scene. Sarah Baker, a young college student in her twenties, is found dead at the foot of Maple Falls, seemingly thrown off a cliff. Sadly, she has just received a call that her long-time partner, detective Alan Sharpe, has committed suicide. Alas, the show must go on, and Lindsey soon finds there are more suspects than she counted on.

Enter the hive. The beautiful and wealthy Marnie Spelling, queen of her bee farm on Lummi Island, has invited five women to come and stay on her farm: the washed-up movie star, Dina; Nurses Trish, Heather, Greta; and finally, Calista, a married woman with two boys who she leaves to stay on the farm. These five women make up the hive.

As Lindsay investigates the hive, she realizes that all these women are lying to protect Marnie, and ultimately themselves. Heather, in a race to become Senator, is eager to stay under the radar during this investigation. Dina, now a recluse in her mansion, is the only one still in contact with Marnie. Greta, now in a glass house on Chuckanut Drive, sees the irony of her lifestyle. The questions remain: What happened to Calista Sullivan twenty years ago? How is her murder connected to the death of college student, Sarah Baker? And why did Lindsay’s partner, a content and fortunate man, commit suicide? The connection between these incidents would shock any reader.

The Hive flashes back between 1999 and 2019. We learn the paths that these five women have taken and how Marnie Spellman has dictated their fates. Again, this book is Gregg Olsen at his very finest. His descriptions of the Pacific Northwest and its beauty are priceless, and his ability to tell a complicated story is amazing. He masterfully creates a mystery with many different characters, including one woman who has negatively affected so many who have come in contact with her. You will stay up all night reading The Hive, not wanting to put it down until the final and shocking conclusion. This book will take you right down a rabbit hole you never suspected.


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