A Beginner's Guide to Murder
June 29, 2022

Book Review

A Beginner's Guide to Murder

reviewed by Sheena Alizadeh



Grace, Meg, Daphne are seventy year old women who are one day enjoying a cup of tea in a café. Seventeen-year-old Nina runs in, begging for their help.

While Nina is in the bathroom, a man walks in looking for her, asking if they’ve seen her. They know he’s suspicious and can’t be trusted so they send him on his way, pretending they haven’t seen her. 

Once he’s gone, Nina tells them exactly what she’s running from and it is just as horrible as they suspected. They are immediately drawn to her and want to protect her in any way possible, even if that includes murder. What happens next is a blurry of danger at all corners that you will have to read to find out where the story goes.

The book alternates between the backstories of all four women as well as the current situation of saving Nina. The older women are acquaintances and don’t know each other well but we get to see their relationship progress as they become lifelong friends. We also get to see Nina’s past and how she was thrown into her current situation.

The story is very heart breaking but is also combined with dark humor. Human trafficking is a large topic in the book and is talks about how runaways and orphans specifically are targeted. It also shows that the home care system can really fail children. I love the cast of characters and their range of ages. The fact that they’re a little older than you would expect when you think of a hero makes it all the more unique as well. 

Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  

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