Book Reviews

Reviews of new and upcoming books in the mystery, thriller, and suspense genres. Our editorial staff and reviewers choose which titles to review. All reviews meet standards of notability.

A Curious Incident

An amateur sleuth investigates the murder of an avid gardener

Near You

A forensic psychologist and highway patrol officer team up to stop a killer

Review: The Postscript Murders

An amateur sleuth story and police procedural in the vein of Rex Stout

Dear Miss Kopp

The Kopp Sisters write to each other while dealing with the trials of WWI

Review: Transient Desires

Commissario Brunetti pursues leads in the criminal underbelly of Venice

Review: The Captive

Society has collapsed and a woman takes to the road in this rural noir

A Caller’s Game

A SiriusXM host faces vindictive listeners in this action thriller

Review: The Windsor Knot

A pianist is murdered at Windsor and Queen Elizabeth investigates

Review: The Keepers

Mace teams up with Mason Reid and a cadaver dog to solve a mystery

Review: Relentless

The Gray Man’s search for missing agents takes him around the world

Review: The Hunting Wives

A covert group of women drink heavily, shoot skeet, and hunt men

Review: Spin

The ratcheting action of this thriller will have readers flipping pages

Review: Sons of Valor

A newly-formed Tier One team must stop the next generation of terrorists

Review: Deadly Editions

A cozy mystery with a cloaked visitor, a treasure hunt, and a killer

Review: The Last Tiara

A historical suspense with emotion, romance, and intrigue

Review: Those Who Disappeared

His father died before he was born. But was it really an accident?

Review: We Own This City

The true crime story of police corruption in Baltimore

Review: What They Knew

A police procedural that feels like a trip around a small Scottish town

Review: The Plot

Would it really be so wrong for Jake to publish his dead student’s book?

Review: Sleep Well My Lady

PI Emma Djan investigates the death of a Ghanaian fashion icon

Review: Open for Murder

The first book in the new Happy Camper Mystery series

Review: Last Call

The murder of gay men in NYC leads to a killer no one suspected

Review: Courage Under Fire

When Cari gets a call from the sheriff, her life is about to change

Review: The King’s Justice

The 9th book in the Maggie Hope Mysteries is set in London in 1943

Review: Bloodline

A psychological thriller set in a deadly small town in the 1960s

Review: Ink and Shadows

An excellent cozy mystery with just a dash of magic

Review: Leave the World Behind

A knock on the door, a tragedy, and their world turns upside down

Review: Murder on the Menu

Murder, disappearances, and some humor in a new cozy mystery series

Review: The Wrong Family

A psychological thriller that is creepy, dark, and (most of all) compelling

Review: Violent Peace

A military thriller told with the raw, gritty visuals of a horrific war

Review: A Whisker of a Doubt

the fourth installment of the Cat Café Mystery series

Review: Mother May I

Her baby is stolen, and in his place is a note to stay silent

Review: Watch Her

This is the third novel in the Hester Thursby series and the best one yet

Review: A Time For Mercy

Should a sixteen-year-old boy get the death penalty for murder?

Review: Lethal Intent

A mix of legal thriller, medical thriller, and romantic suspense

Review: Till Murder Do Us Part

A quick read in the true crime genre, with domestic relations at the core

Review: Deep Into The Dark

PJ Tracy takes a hard look at the effects of war on our veterans

Review: The System

A crime thriller that focuses on law enforcement, courts, and corrections

Review: Bait and Witch

Corruption and magic in a new paranormal cozy mystery series

Review: Goodnight Beautiful

A twisted psychological thriller that’s intense, mysterious, and a bit creepy

Review: The Unwilling

A family drama, coming of age story, and unnerving psychological thriller

Review: Someone To Watch Over Me

A hardboiled detective stops predators who go after teenage girls

Review: Whiteout

Chased and outnumbered, can they survive in the wilds of Antarctica?

Review: Exit

Felix goes on the run after the death he’s “Exiteering” goes badly

Review: You Can Go Home Now

A police officer poses as an abused woman to catch a killer

Review: Her Dark Lies

A riveting psychological thriller set on an island off the Italian coast

Review: Interference

Quantum viruses and a missing husband in this sci-fi thriller

Review: You Love Me

Joe has finally found true love with a sexy librarian, despite what he learns

Review: Hope, Faith, and a Corpse

The pastor is accused of murder in this cozy mystery

Review: Fool Me Twice

A master thief must steal a fresco (and the wall) in this Vatican heist

Review: A Question of Navigation

Aliens have eaten his friend and he’s on a spaceship to another world