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Reviews of new and upcoming books in the mystery, thriller, horror, crime, and suspense genres. Our editorial staff and reviewers choose which titles to review. All reviews meet standards of notability.

The Innocent One

A university professor has been brutally murdered

The Last Party

The suspects are her neighbors, friends and family

One Last Chance

Infiltrating the cult’s compound is more complicated than expected

All the Blood We Share

Even a gifted seer can make a misstep

The Forever Witness

A relentless detective and an amateur genealogist solve a haunting cold case

The Collector

Hi blood-flecked jacket is found in the moat at Copenhagen’s Citadel

Blood Moon

Forces both ancient and modern converge

The Twist of a Knife

A second theater critic is found to have died in mysterious circumstances

David Rosenfelt

The cozy animal mystery author on SANTA’S LITTLE YELPERS and more

Something Bad Wrong

She’s hoping to put the cold case―and her family’s shame―to rest

Unnatural History

The victim had recently received rave media attention for his latest project

The Golden Spoon

As the baking competition commences, things begin to go awry

Dead and Gondola

The victim was a mysterious stranger who’d visited the bookshop

The Wilderwomen

She wakes up alone in an aviary with no idea of how she got there

Raven Unveiled

They will both need to make an ally out of an enemy

On Spine of Death

Work halts when renovations unearth bones from a cold case

How to Sell a Haunted House

Some houses don’t want to be sold

The Prisoner

She is swept up into a glamorous lifestyle, married to a billionaire


Murder is added to the mix, and she is forced to question all her old certainties

Blackwater Falls

They must work together to expose the conspiracy behind the murders

Hidden Pieces

A desperate cop hunts down a relative in search of a suspect

Dark Rivers to Cross

Caught between two truths

American Mother

She had been poisoned by cyanide-tainted headache pills

Little Eve

A brutal murder and their sacred ceremony goes terribly wrong

The Personal Assistant

She’ll find the greatest threat isn’t online, but in her own living room

Sign Here

Old secrets and new dangers scrape away at the shiny surface

No Plan B

These crimes are part of something much larger and more far-reaching

Friends Like These

Now a girl is missing and everyone is a suspect

My Darkest Prayer

An easy payday soon descends into a maze of mayhem filled with criminals

Before You Knew My Name

She can’t seem to stop thinking about the young woman she found

Vanishing Hour

Another woman disappears under odd circumstances

The Godfather

The passions of human nature against a backdrop of the American dream


A summer night, a missing girl, a party in the woods

Triple Cross

A precise killer who always moves under the cover of darkness

The Winners

He has a pistol and a plan that will leave the town with a loss

Going to Beautiful

Doubts begin to surface about whether the tragedy was an accident after all


Dark questions linger as long-ago truths begin to emerge

The Lucky One

Someone won’t let her forget what really happened that night

All The Blood We Share

No one knows about their other business, the shortcut to a better life

Found Object

She must revisit the grisly event that has influenced every decision in her life


Every seven years, on the day of the tithe, the island’s gift is honored


She searches for the truth behind the legend and learns to face her own fears

Camp Scare

There’s a deep, dark secret to making friends

The Maze

The hunt for an apparent serial killer who has murdered nine

Blackmail and Bibingka

She has to put away years of distrust to prove her cousin’s innocence

Secret Lives

He watches her photograph the crime scene, conceal evidence, and more

The Mitford Affair

She overhears alarming conversations and uncovers disquieting documents

Little Souls

They leave the body in the street, hoping to disguise it as a flu victim