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Reviews of new and upcoming books in the mystery, thriller, horror, crime, and suspense genres. Our editorial staff and reviewers choose which titles to review. All reviews meet standards of notability.

A Death in Cornwall

Her murder appears to be the work of a diabolical serial killer

What Lies in Darkness

She will do anything to find out what happened

Bad River

His brother had something in common with the frozen body in the ice cellar

One of the Boys

These women will go to any length to protect their sons

Shades of Mercy

She is locked up with no computer access at the juvenile detention center

The Paris Widow

He goes missing after an explosion in the city square

Passions in Death

The level of violence suggest a mix of passion and ice-cold calculation

The Instruments of Darkness

A house that should never have been built

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

She is accused of murdering her former partner and lover

The Burning

She must dive deep into the Anabaptist culture

The Out-of-Town Lawyer

He’s a criminal defense attorney who roams the country in his campervan

The Eyes Are the Best Part

In her dreams she walks through bloody rooms full of eyes

Don’t Let the Devil Ride

He angered some very dangerous people before he disappeared

On Her Watch

The killer is escalating

Follow Her Down

The murder of her sister shattered her family

Do What Godmother Says

She becomes convinced she’s being stalked

A Talent for Murder

Five unsolved cases of murdered women


Stability proves to be fleeting when the Chinese plan to destroy the dam

Echoes of Memory

She sets out to find a killer she doesn’t remember, but can’t forget

The Hermit Next Door

He isn’t actually from this world

This Is Why We Lied

Normal rules don’t apply at McAlpine Lodge

A Clean Kill

Five dismembered bodies are found along the roadside


They hear rumors of a dangerous substance with catastrophic effects

The Cornish Campsite Murder

The body of one of the band members is found not far from the campsite

Don’t Ask, Don’t Follow

She uncovers what her sister was trying to expose

The Chamber

One of them is found dead in his bunk

Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies

She just wants to kill her protagonist

I Died on a Tuesday

In one swift moment, her life is forever changed

Kubrick: An Odyssey

A biography that punctures myths about the reclusive filmmaker

The Burning Rooms

There is just one other person who saw what he did thirteen years ago

Double Tap

She saves her son from a sniper’s bullet

P. A. DePaul

The Publishers Weekly Bestselling Author on CROSSING THE LINE

Our Little Secret

An affair that should be in the past, but isn’t

Katharine, the Wright Sister

Tragedy forces her to make an impossible choice

The Wildfire Girl

His aunt fails to provide an alibi

Pitch Dark

The killer possesses skills surpassing his own


A Novel of Maria von Trapp

The Expectant Detectives

A dead body is discovered at their local prenatal class

The Gathering

Two disparate communities circle each other for blood

Of Hoaxes and Homicide

She receives a letter from “A Heartbroken Mother”

Granite Harbor

The town’s secrets―past and present―begin bubbling to the surface

Liar’s Point

She is certain the witness knows more than she’s revealing

The #1 Lawyer

He stops trading on his power-lawyer identity and creates a new one


The sole clue to her whereabouts is the manuscript she penned

Black Wolf

A dangerous contract killer, known as the Black Wolf, is also on her trail

Mind Games

They have no idea they’re about to cross paths with a ticking time bomb

Cast a Cold Eye

A suspected IRA cell is at large, embedded within the criminal gangs

The Five Year Lie

Her gut says it can’t be real, but she goes to the tree anyway