Book Reviews

Reviews of new and upcoming books in the mystery, thriller, and suspense genres. Our editorial staff and reviewers choose which titles to review. All reviews meet standards of notability.

Review: Cold Wind

A mystery that combines police detective work & amateur sleuthing.

Review: The Burning Girls

Dark secrets and odd locals make a riveting supernatural thriller.

Review: Hot To Trot

This cozy mystery is another fun entry in the Agatha Raisin series.

Review: The Eagle and the Viper

An alt-history thriller on the attempted murder of Napoleon.

Review: The Christmas Killer

Get ready for twelve days of murder this holiday season.

Review: Ink

A supernatural thriller featuring heroes of relentless strength.

Review: Hidden In Plain Sight

A gripping police procedural thriller set in the 1980s.

Review: The Minders

Five people guarding all the government’s secrets… and hunted.

Review: In Her Tracks

Crosswhite tackles missing children, cold cases, and kidnapping.

Review: Invisible Girl

Daunting and spine-tingling from the get-go; a ‘jewel’ in the genre.

Review: The Sisterhood

The lengths to which adopted sisters will go, even if it’s not entirely legal.

Review: Christmas Cupcake Murder

Can she solve a crime committed just steps away from her bakery?

Review: Shadow Sands

The characters come to life in a mystery that spans many years.

Review: Murder in Old Bombay

A captain investigates as two women fall from a clock tower. Is it murder?

Review: Treasure

Braithwaite keeps reader on their toes until the final reveal.

Review: Still Life

The latest in the Karen Pirie series is a compelling police procedural.

Review: The Wicked Sister

Chilling reveals throughout and a twist at the end to tie it all together.

Review: Buried

A gripping thriller that pulls the reader into the middle of the crimes.

Review: Walk The Wire

An engaging thriller with interesting people and plenty of action.

Review: Varnished Without A Trace

All play and no work is just what she needs. But murder isn’t far behind.

Review: The Gift

A child kidnapped. A psychic with visions. Then come the twists.

Review: The Law of Innocence

For those who love courtroom thrillers, this book delivers.

Review: Let Her Be

A story that delivers an impactful punch, perfect for a cozy getaway.

Review: Truth Be Told

Full of gritty story telling and tackling the tough issues.

Review: Moonflower Murders

A twisted journey that dares readers to figure it out before the end.

Review: Slow Burner

A man, a woman, and a home wrecker for the technical age.

Review: Judge and Jury

Justice is not as blind as it claims in the latest Daniel Pike thriller.

Review: The Dirty South

Another year and another brilliant novel from John Connolly.

Review: The Guest List

This classic who done it, why done it has an Agatha Christie flair.

Review: Follow Me

A modern take on the stalker story revels in the dark side of social media.

Review: Perfectly Famous

A crime novelist flees the spotlight after an attack on her daughter.

Review: Snowflakes

A chilling story that forces the reader to second-guess much of what they know.

Review: Then She Was Gone

How do you go on when your daughter leaves home and never returns?