Author Interviews

Interviews with the top authors in mystery, thriller, horror, crime, and suspense. Read exclusive question-and-answer interviews and watch the occasional video interview.

Jess Lourey

The kidnapping thriller author on The Taken Ones and more

Kyle Mills

The bestselling thriller author on CODE RED

John Scalzi

The bestselling author on STARTER VILLAIN and more

Ronie Kendig

The bestselling author on HAVOC and more

Nita Prose

The bestselling author of THE MAID on THE MYSTERY GUEST and more

Karin Slaughter

The bestselling thriller writer on AFTER THAT NIGHT and more

Kelly J Ford

The thriller author on THE HUNT and more

Lee Goldberg

The bestselling police procedural author on MALIBU BURNING and more

Joanna Schaffhausen

The police procedural author on DEAD AND GONE and more

John Gilstrap

The political thriller author on HARM'S WAY and more

Taylor Moore

The terrorism thriller author on RICOCHET and more

James Rollins

The bestselling author on TIDES OF FIRE and more

Catherine Hokin

The historical suspense novelist on the Hanni Winter series and more

Sara DiVello

The true crime thriller author on BROADWAY BUTTERFLY and more

Dean Koontz

The bestselling author on AFTER DEATH and more

Ryan Steck

The Real Book Spy on LETHAL RANGE

Carolyn Haines 

The mystery author on TELL-TALE BONES and more

Linda Castillo

The bestselling police procedural author on AN EVIL HEART and more

Valerie Burns

The cozy author on MURDER IS A PIECE OF CAKE and more

Ashley Weaver

The amateur sleuth author on PLAYING IT SAFE and more

Paul Tremblay

The Ghost Thriller Novelist on THE BEAST YOU ARE and more

Daniel Weizmann

The Hard-Boiled Mystery Author on THE LAST SONGBIRD and more

Wendy Walker

The bestselling psychological suspense novelist on WHAT REMAINS

Steve Berry and Grant Blackwood

The historical thriller authors on The 9th Man and more

Matthew Quirk

The political thriller author on INSIDE THREAT and more

M.P. Woodward

The bestselling author on DEAD DROP and more

Cindy Dees

The bestselling author on SECOND SHOT and more