Best Fiction Podcasts of 2023

The Best Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Crime, and Suspense Podcasts of 2023 (so far)

We currently find ourselves in renaissance period for the creative world of podcasts, standing amidst a golden age of this auditory art form. Podcasts, once a niche medium, have blossomed into a dynamic, ever-evolving landscape that crosses boundaries of both format and content. This diversification has seen an array of categories emerge and establish themselves as pillars within the podcasting sphere. From gripping fiction to deeply insightful non-fiction, from chilling true-crime stories that make our hair stand on end to immersive audio dramas that bring narratives to life in new, exciting ways—the list of podcast types keeps expanding, reflecting the broad array of our collective interests and tastes.

Best podcast 2023 - Fear from the Heartland


Fear From the Heartland

Fear From the Heartland, hosted by Paul J. McSorley, is a gripping horror anthology podcast. Although not exclusively set in the heartland, McSorley delivers chilling tales from there, intending to instill fear and bewilderment into listeners’ minds, souls, and hearts through these eerie stories.

Genre: Horror

Why it’s a best fiction podcast of 2023:
An endearing mystery with horror elements, solid sound design, and  a focus on diversity and representation in the characters.

Best podcast 2023 - Unwell



Unwell, a Midwestern Gothic Mystery audio drama, follows Lillian Harper who relocates to Mt. Absalom, Ohio, to tend to her injured estranged mother. Residing in a generations-old family boarding house, she stumbles upon eerie conspiracies, encounters spirits, and finds a new family among the house’s unusual inhabitants.

Genre: Gothic Mystery

Why it’s a best fiction podcast of 2023:
Unraveling mysteries, intriguing characters, and immersive storytelling make it enthralling.

Best podcast 2023 - End of All Hope


End of All Hope

Three survivors as they trek across the country trying to survive an alien invasion.

Genre: Alien Thriller

Why it’s a best fiction podcast of 2023:

Thrilling survival journey, dynamic characters, immersive alien invasion narrative, suspenseful.

Best podcast 2023 - The Wrong Station


Wrong Station

Dive into the eerie origins of horror with a Canadian anthology series. Unfathomable occurrences, from a black sea-stone unveiling a headless man, to mysterious mirrors on distant comets, an ape creating hooks from its companion’s ribs, crypt defilement, and a woman birthing a burning-names book, mark these frightful beginnings.

Genre: Horror Anthology

Why it’s a best fiction podcast of 2023:
Unpredictable plots, chilling narratives, unique horror elements, and compelling storytelling.

Best podcast 2023 - Man in Space


Man in Space

“Man In Space” chronicles Commander Kelly’s survival post nuclear catastrophe on Earth, alone in an orbiting space station. It’s been 154 days of isolation and dwindling resources. Each episode offers an audio log, revealing Kelly’s past and escalating adventure. A survival and existential quest, involving aliens and distant worlds, this narrative explores both the cosmos and inner self.

Genre: Sci-fi Thriller

Why it’s a best fiction podcast of 2023:
Gripping storyline, character depth, stellar sound design, and philosophical undertones.

Best podcast 2023 - Mystery Theater Radio


Mystery Theater Podcast Old Time Radio Shows

Discover the Mystery Theater Old Time Radio Podcast, your portal to Golden Age radio’s mystery, intrigue, and comedy. It delivers top-rated radio plays while illuminating the background of the programs, cast, and writers, fostering a deep understanding of this historical era.

Genre: Mystery

Why it’s a best fiction podcast of 2023:
Intriguing narratives, comedic elements, historical insights, and superb production quality.

Best podcast 2023 - Tower 4


Tower 4

Mike Archer, a rookie fire watcher in Wyoming, seeks solace in solitude after his mother’s death. He aims to detect fires and write his book from his lofty tower, but disturbing radio interferences and eerie sounds from the forest shatter his tranquility. Is this reality or his sanity cracking under isolation?

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Why it’s a best fiction podcast of 2023:
Innovative storytelling, captivating audio drama, and a deeply intriguing mystery.