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March 17, 2021

Book Review

Danger in Numbers

Heather Graham

reviewed by Chris Carroll


If you’ve read in the suspense/thriller genre for a while, you have more than likely run across a few Heather Graham books in your time. An author of many crime thrillers, she stepped up her game in this story.

Danger in Numbers is a captivating cop fiction with an extra serving of gruesome crime and grit, layered onto a unique setting described in such detail that it transports you right to the middle of it all.

Graham takes on cults, and her vivid descriptions leave nothing to the imagination, exploring what people will do under the spell of religious fanaticism. She adds in the right amount of pacing to the story and also ties in a perfect romantic interest, downplayed somewhat. The crime  takes the lead in this story and she keeps our interest throughout.

The deep character development is well done, and she has created plenty of questionable characters to keep you guessing along the way. The suspense level is high, and Graham captures your attention and keeps the pages flying from start to finish.

Danger in Numbers is loaded with gripping detail that keeps you on your toes while balancing the crime with heightened tension. The anxiety levels up as you go through the story for a well-developed and twisted read!

Graham also adds in an awesome ending with a lead-in to a future story. This team of officers and agents offers plenty of growth opportunity including the romantic twist which can really add to the tension of her upcoming mysteries and thriller books.

This is a story that was tough to put aside and managed to suck me deep into the plot for a well-rounded experience that was everything needed and desired in a cop procedural crime thriller.

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