Face of Greed
October 22, 2023

Book Review

Face of Greed

New to the world of James L’Etoile, I eagerly reached for this police procedural. L’Etoile has a knack for presenting facts bluntly, allowing readers to digest things at the breakneck speed his narrative portrays on the streets of Sacramento. When a business tycoon is found murdered in his home and his wife brutally attacked, Detectives Emily Hunter and Javier Medina arrive to investigate.

Their inquiry faces immediate challenges as both the mayor and the Chief of Police seek a swift resolution. However, Hunter and Medina aren’t ones to buckle, turning over every proverbial stone. While Hunter might push the boundaries, her tenacity drives the search for answers in a case that delves deeper than a mere murder. L’Etoile dazzles with this novel, laying the foundation for a potentially captivating series.

Summoned to a chilling crime scene, Sacramento Homicide Detectives Emily Hunter and Javier Medina quickly discern the influence of wealth. Roger Townsend lies lifeless, while his wife, Lori, finds solace in the arms of the city’s elite. Initial statements hint at secrets Lori might be hiding. Cloaked in the role of a grieving widow, she has influential allies ready to defend her. Both detectives sense there’s more to the story, with Hunter particularly relentless in her pursuit of truth.

Navigating a maze where political connections attempt to bury the truth, the detectives are unwavering in their quest for justice. Hunter also grapples with her mother’s declining mental state. When a potential lead pointing to new motives emerges, it’s abruptly quashed, especially when a homeless man becomes the prime suspect. Despite these challenges, the duo uncovers a web of gang affiliations and unscrupulous legal players orchestrating a cover-up. Even when faced with potential suspension, Hunter and Medina’s commitment to the truth remains unshaken. James L’Etoile delivers a roller-coaster ride, keeping readers engaged until the climactic reveal.

Though unfamiliar with L’Etoile’s previous works, I quickly adapted to his brisk storytelling style. The narrative fluidly builds momentum, especially as obstacles mount against the protagonists, ranking it among the most compelling police procedurals I’ve encountered.

Characters are fleshed out and evolve seamlessly, adding depth to an already engrossing tale. Emily Hunter shows immense promise as a leading figure in what might become a series, and I’m keen to see her journey unfold. Similarly, Javier Medina’s intriguing personality warrants further exploration.

Typically, the plot of a police procedural is straightforward, but it’s the unexpected hurdles that elevate the tale. L’Etoile masterfully introduces twists, keeping readers on their toes, while weaving in sub-plots that offer a reprieve from the central narrative’s darker elements. The multifaceted story ensures readers remain hooked, and I’m eager to follow this potential series and continue to monitor L’Etoile’s work.

Kudos to Mr. L’Etoile for shining brightly in this captivating piece.

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