Her Three Lives
May 26, 2021

Book Review

Her Three Lives

Cate Holahan

reviewed by Sandra Hoover

Social Media Influencer Jade Thompson is engaged to be married to Architect Greg Hamlin. Greg is divorcing his wife and marrying Jade who is carrying his child. While Jade is an up and coming social media star, she isn’t in the same class as Greg when it comes to fame, wealth and culture but they declare their love and commit to making it work.

Greg is a multi-millionaire and twenty years Jade’s senior, raising a lot of eyebrows and throwing up warning signs among Greg’s family and friends, especially his resentful daughter Violet who takes every opportunity to feed her dad’s anxiety over the age difference. Thus, when a home invasion turns savage, the seeds of doubt previously sown sprout and start to grow. Greg is left home-bound with a traumatic brain injury and a severe case of paranoia from the brutal attack, and Jade loses their baby. In his highly agitated state, Greg begins questioning her motives for staying with him.  Devoted daughter Violet continues feeding her dad’s doubts and fueling his suspicions until Gregg starts to believe that Jade’s only after his money. After having a high price security system installed, Greg spends his days tracking his fiancé’s every move, growing more paranoid by the hour. Jade stands to inherit a great deal of money upon Greg’s death. Did she hire someone to kill him and destroy their child?

Through Jane’s narration, readers know she’s hiding a big secret about her past, but they don’t know what. They do know her intent – her reason for staying with Greg which gives them special insight into the direction this story takes. Jade may be the number one suspect, but the cast of possible villains is convoluted. As reader’s soon learn, there’re several red herrings with motive and opportunity, and the author does a great job with the development of these players into the story line. While none of the characters are particularly likable, they play their roles to perfection serving to keep readers guessing as to who and why. While the story begins at a slow pace, it soon settles into a steady flow with rising tension that escalates in proportion to Greg’s growing paranoia following a twisted plot line that explodes in a dramatic conclusion many won’t see coming. 

Her Three Lives is an intense, complex domestic thriller story with a multitude of suspects with motive. Solving the mystery became an obsession with me as I studied all the players, motives, and opportunities. Callahan’s writing is precise, setting the pace and moving the story forward with expertise. Just when readers are lulled into thinking they know everything, she hits them with an explosive “aha” ending. Her Three Lives is a methodical suspense thriller that fans of the genre will enjoy.

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