Howls From Hell
March 31, 2021

Book Review

Howls From Hell

Foreword by Grady Hendrix

reviewed by Mike Rankin

A five-person excavation team explores an underground structure only to discover a monstrous abomination. A female lures her victims to uncertain and deadly consequences. A set of 16mm film reels are discovered from an anonymous donor leading to contorted cryptic messages found within. A truly twisted fairytale unfolds as Red and Beauty venture into gloomy forests and dark castles to confront dubious inanimate objects and villainous beasts.

Howls From Hell is a collection of spine-tingling stories ranging from tales of futuristic horrors to body possessions to downright bizarre occurrences of the freakish kind—an anthology readers of horror will want to get their hands on as quickly as possible. It’s a collection that includes works by Shane Hawk, Alex Wolfgang, and S.E. Denton—authors gathered to exhibit their creativity by means of cosmic visitors, haunted tomes, and fantastical existences.

The ever-talented Grady Hendrix kicks off the adventure with his tantalizing forward. His take on childhood experiences and the horror community in general are sure to tug at the heart strings. The common thread of this passion for the scary, outsiders banning together and the pleasure of meeting others like yourself is all about horror being family.

Highlights from this anthology include:

Manufactured God by P. L. McMillan. An exceptional sci-fi/creature feature horror story. A mammoth kaiju vibe blends claustrophobic surroundings with a regrettable deadly curiosity. The author not only applies a tense explorative backdrop, but also discloses a discovery that was not to be awakened by mankind.

Duplicitous Wings by Amanda Nevada Demel. Utilizing the dark arts of alchemy, an entity of a separate plane of existence is conjured and unleashed into present day provoking unforgettable vengeance upon its unsuspecting victims. Amanda Nevada Demel cleverly applies an uneasy feeling of not being in control of one’s own destiny causing an apprehensive nightmare for the reader to experience.

Possess and Serve by Christopher O’Halloran. This piece of fiction is about trust, morality, manipulation and deceit. With the capability of possessing another’s body comes responsibility and an oath to serve and protect. Written with a sleuth atmosphere, a terrifying protagonist, and an arrangement of twisted plot points, this one will keep you guessing till the end.

Sprout by M. David Clarkson. The greatest opening line from any story I have ever read goes to Sprout.  ‘Nuff said.

Howl Society (Horror-Obsessed Writing And Literature Society) A horror book club designed for writers and readers of the genre makes sure you get your blood curdling bang for your buck with this gathering of authors. Enjoy! I did.

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