May 12, 2024

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reviewed by Erin Clemence

Ladykiller by Katherine Wood is a sensual, evocative and exotic suspense novel where everyone has a story to tell- but not everyone’s story is true.

Gia and Abby have been best friends since childhood, and their bond only grew after tragedy struck Abby when the girls were eighteen. But since Gia married someone Abby did not approve of, and Abby boycotted Gia’s wedding, Gia and Abby have grown apart. So, Abby has some hesitation when she receives an invitation to Gia’s thirtieth birthday- just Abby, Gia and Gia’s brother, Benny, celebrating in a high-class Swedish chalet, but she decides to attend anyway, hoping to repair the relationship. However, when she and Benny arrive, Gia is nowhere to be found, and no one can reach her. With Gia missing, Abby begins to really fear for her former best friend; Abby knew Gia’s husband was bad news, but is he dangerous?

Ladykiller is narrated by both Gia and Abby, before and after Gia goes missing. Before, Gia’s story is told through snippets of her memoir and after, Abby takes over as narrator, for reasons that are deliciously twisted and unexpected. As a spoiled rich girl, Gia is not an easy character to like, and her motivations toward Abby have always been slightly cloudy. That being said, I was drawn into their tense dynamic, desperate to find out what happened to Gia and what role (if any) she played in her fate.

The majority of this novel takes place on a small island in Greece, so expect beautiful scenery alongside the hot drama. Wood delivers a sensational escapist journey, taking readers on a highly suspenseful thrill ride, packed with unexpected twists. What surprised me the most was that Ladykiller is Wood’s debut! I was blown away by the expert level plot and character development, storyline connections and descriptive setting.

The ending is multi-faceted, with many plot questions needing to be answered, but Wood pulls it off, managing to tie up all (but one, intentionally) loose end. Wood allows readers to form their own assumptions with the biggest question of all, which means Ladykiller will sit with you long after the final page.

Ladykiller is a unique, carefully crafted novel about female friendships, jealousy and the dangerous ends some people will go to in order to maintain their power and status. A tantalizing page-turner with surprises at every turn, Wood has written the must-read for summer 2024.

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