My Darling Husband
November 8, 2021

Book Review

My Darling Husband

reviewed by Chelsea Hofmann

In this fast-paced, edge of your seat drama, Kimberly Belle returns with a story about a masked intruder. Jade and Cam Lasky are a happy couple with two wonderful children, a beautiful house, and a growing restaurant business.

Then one evening, Jade is confronted with a masked intruder in her home, holding her hostage. Cam is desperate to collect the ransom money but he has been keeping a big part of his life from Jade.

As the story unravels, Jade begins to find out that her husband may not be exactly who she thinks he is. Cam is not as financially stable as he led Jade to believe and he may have put their family in danger. Is this just a home invasion? Or is there more to the intruder than they first believed?
My Darling Husband kept me on the edge of my seat through the entire book. I loved the way Belle revealed layers of the story slowly, so the mystery always got more complex. This book took a common fear and explored what someone would do when put in that situation. The multiple points of view gave an interesting look at what the characters were thinking and skipped from the present to the past.

I loved the narrative about hidden secrets and the lengths families will go to protect one another. The characters were full of detail and easy to imagine and relate to. I found multiple characters I could root for and felt myself holding my breath with them many times throughout the book. The technique of showing time counting down really added to my sense of doom and panic. I couldn’t put this book down and think people who enjoy panic room style mysteries are going to love it!

Thank you to Park Row Books and Kimberly Belle for my ARC of this book. Opinions are my own. My Darling Husband comes out on December 12, 2022.

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