Nobody from Somewhere
March 21, 2022

Book Review

Nobody from Somewhere

reviewed by Eric Ellis

Oftentimes, there are some novels that are just perfect for release during the warmer weather months, trips, or vacations, and Nobody From Somewhere by Dietrich Kaleties is one of those books. 

Nobody From Somewhere takes place in Canada and within it, we find retired police officer Fitch Henry Haut coping with terminal cancer while living in his recreational vehicle.  Fitch, who walks with a cane and is clearly not as spry as he once was, enjoys his simple repetitive life, which includes eating the weekly meatloaf offering at his favored diner. After being diagnosed with cancer, the widowed Fitch has grown stubborn when it comes to treatment and as a result, is haunted by spectral visits by his deceased wife expressing displeasure at his reluctance toward treatment.

While Fitch is being introduced, the reader is also introduced to fifteen-year-old Wren.  Wren turns out to be a resourceful, mostly state-raised teenager, that decides to flee her foster home and travel to California in hopes of a better life.

Along the way, Wren encounters two dangerous thugs named Cooder and Angel. Cooder and Angel are two misfits, with Cooder being the more viscous of the two and Angel, while despicable in his own way, the lazied eyed sad-sack of the two.

When Cooder and Angel enlist the third-party help of an attractive flim-flam artist and their scam goes awry, a chance meeting with Wren and Fitch starts a deadly game of search and destroy  between the schemers and newly paired teenager and infirm retired police officer.  Even more mayhem arises when an even deadlier participant becomes involved in the chase because of the failed scam.

Kalties spends a good amount of pages developing the main characters in the novel rather than introducing typical characters found in thriller novels.  The time spent on the characters allows for the development of more fleshed-out characters which adds to the enjoyment of the novel.

Nobody From Somewhere is slated for a June 2022 release and is recommended to those that favor novels with well developed characters in a good hunt and chase tale.

Netgalley provided an advanced reader copy for the return of a fair review.

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