Our Little Secret
June 3, 2024

Book Review

Our Little Secret

reviewed by Erin Clemence

Best selling author Lisa Jackson’s new novel, Our Little Secret is a dark and twisted story of obsession and betrayal. Full of suspenseful twists and turns, it keeps you guessing until the very end!

Brooke Hastings knows her brief affair with charming and sexy Gideon Ross was a mistake. Hoping to work on her relationship with her husband and keep her family together, Brooke ends it with Gideon, but Gideon won’t go down without a fight. Soon, Brooke is receiving messages threatening her life and her daughter’s. Finally, after one intense altercation, it seems Gideon has backed off, allowing Brooke to regain her life. But then Gideon shows up again, this time with a new identity, engaged to Brooke’s sister. Desperate to keep her family safe, Brooke knows the only way to stop Gideon is to end him- for good.

Brooke is the sole narrator and protagonist of “Secret”, relatable as a married mother of a teenager looking for an escape, and retaliation against her husband, which she finds in the arms of a younger man. Once Brooke ends the affair and the threats start, the twists begin, as Jackson’s impeccable writing starts the speculation as readers scramble to guess who is behind all of the drama.

The relationships are complex, between Brooke and her husband, Brooke and her daughter and even Brooke and her estranged sister, and the entanglements between all of them added to the intrigue. Was Gideon responsible? Could someone else be involved? For someone who reads this genre almost exclusively, it’s always a treat when the ending is both surprising and unexpected and Jackson’s “Secret” delivered this in spades. 

Jackson is known for her series of novels, such as New Orleans and Alvarez and Pescoli and “Secret” is one of her few stand-alones. Although her name is well known to me, “Secret” is one of the only novels I have had a chance to read by the popular author, but it is a mistake that I immediately plan on rectifying. Jackson builds quite a puzzle for the reader to solve, thick with emotional tension and obsession, and Our Little Secret was a delightful read from start to finish.

Our Little Secret is a thriller with nods to Fatal Attraction, and it will captivate long-time Jackson fans, and those of us who are just joining the Lisa Jackson fan club. It is difficult to write a novel in this genre and keep it both suspenseful and surprising but Jackson’s fluid writing and creative character development do both, and more.

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