Crime thriller books THE NECKLACE
February 3, 2021

Book Review


Katie Lowe

reviewed by Linda McCutcheon



“It’s the sound of my husband’s blood on the floorboards that wakes me.”

So begins the wild ride of Possession by Katie Lowe. This psychological thriller grabbed me from the first line and twisted me in knots as I stayed up until after the sunrise to find out the truth of this murdered husband.

The wife, Hannah, is one of the most unreliably infuriating protagonists ever. As she tells us her story, she is doubtful of her own truth. She wakes up to find her husband Graham stabbed in the throat and her head banged up. She has no memory of the murder. The police tell her they found the killer. It is a robbery gone wrong even though nothing was stolen. He goes to jail and Hannah takes her six-year-old daughter out of London to a sleepy country town and starts over working in a psychiatric hospital.

Ten years later a popular podcast, Convictions, tells the story of Graham’s murder but they have a different view. And Hannah finds herself the victim of social media bullying and the new suspect in Graham’s murder.

In between, we deal with a creepy gothic abandoned insane asylum that once held Hannah’s grandmother for killing her family, the ghost of Graham suddenly haunting Hannah, a suicidal patient, an old acquaintance offering a lifeline and cops with their own agenda.

As crazy as all this may sound the reveal explains all and I have to say except for one plotline I had no clue to the outcome. Nothing is what it seems, but as the cloud of lies dissipates I gasped with shock and glee. This novel is one ride that gives all the chills, goosebumps, and WTF moments that fans want from their thrillers.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.