Resurrection Walk
January 10, 2024
Book Review

Resurrection Walk

reviewed by Lou Jacobs


Michael Connelly never ceases to amaze. In his 38th novel, he masterfully combines a legal courtroom thriller with an intriguing investigative narrative. He brings together his two iconic characters: Mickey Haller, known as “The Lincoln Lawyer,” and retired L.A.P.D. detective Harry Bosch.

Together, they work to exonerate a woman who has served five years in prison for allegedly murdering her ex-husband, a L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy. Mickey, riding a career high after freeing a man wrongfully convicted of murder, is inundated with letters from prisoners claiming their innocence. Refocusing his practice, Haller launches his own “innocence project,” offering pro-bono services to a select few deserving of the “resurrection walk” after unjust convictions. This new venture aligns well with his association with his half-brother, Harry Bosch.

Harry, post-retirement, faces his own challenges, lacking health insurance and battling chronic myelocytic leukemia (CML). Mickey employs Harry to secure insurance and enrolls him in an experimental nuclear medicine trial at UCLA for his cancer. Despite Harry’s reservations about working for the defense, after years of hunting criminals, he commits to seeking the “truth.” He meticulously sifts through records of self-proclaimed innocent convicts to identify a likely miscarriage of justice involving Linda Sanz. She pled “no contest” to manslaughter, on the advice of her subpar attorney, Frank Silver, to avoid a life sentence, yet she has always maintained her innocence. Harry discovers significant flaws in the prosecution’s case, leading him to doubt her guilt and suspect a conspiracy involving Sheriff Department “gangs” involved in criminal shakedowns.

Michael Connelly weaves a complex narrative filled with twists and unexpected revelations. As Harry conducts a thorough investigation, Mickey battles a cunning assistant district attorney, countering every prosecutorial maneuver. The suspense and intrigue intensify as the courtroom drama escalates. Connelly skillfully blends detective work with legal drama, creating a riveting story that compels the reader to turn the pages eagerly, seeking the ultimate resolution. Thanks to NetGalley and Little, Brown Publishing for providing an Uncorrected Proof in exchange for an honest review. This five-star gem stands strong on its own.

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