The Family Remains
July 2, 2022
Book Review

The Family Remains

reviewed by Chelsea Hofmann

When a body is found in a trash bag in the Thames, a decades old case is opened back up. DCI Samuel Owusu learns that the small bones are connected to a group suicide and cold case from thirty years ago.

Miles away, Rachel Rimmer gets the news that her husband is found dead in the basement of his home and all signs point to an intruder.

In the continuation of her story in Jewell’s book The Family Upstairs, Lucy Lamb has finally started to find her footing. No longer homeless, Lucy is in the position to purchase a million-dollar mansion and settle down with her children. But when her brother takes off to find a boy from their horrific childhood, she knows it can only lead to no good.

Jewell does a fantastic job of catching the reader up to what they missed in The Family Upstairs, and transitions flawlessly into her newest masterpiece. Fraught with tension, this book delivers the aftermath of the first book. Multiple timelines and multiple perspectives all come together to weave a tale of murder, trauma, survival, and vengeance.

Rachel was a wonderful addition to this book and her character was strong and relatable. Henry is completely twisted and relatable in a weird way, just wanting to be loved and validated. This book is character driven and you won’t be able to look away from the messy intersection of their lives. If you liked The Family Upstairs, you will love this multilayered sequel.

Thank you to Atria Publishing and Lisa Jewell for my ARC of this book. Opinions are my own. The Family Remains comes out on August 9, 2022.

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