The Golden Couple
April 5, 2022

Book Review

The Golden Couple

reviewed by Lou Jacobs


“The Golden Couple” is only a superficial allusion, clouded by secrets and deceit. Marissa and Mathew Bishop appear to have it all: a seemingly perfect life with life in the suburbs and highly successful financial standing and a much-loved son. Both husband and wife are very attractive.

It all comes crashing down with a single act of infidelity by Marissa.

In an effort to save her marriage, family and “perfect” family she convinces Matthew to seek therapy with a very unconventional, but renowned therapist, Avery Chambers. Avery would not take you on as clients, unless she felt she could help with her unique ten session therapy.

Avery has an extremely hands on approach, that not only involves office therapy sessions, but she frequently inserts herself into the field, to investigate material uncovered in the sessions; judging their authenticity and motivation. Her field work rivals the best of all fiction’s female amateur detectives—move over Miss Marple and Jessica Fletcher. Lies and deceit come tumbling down. All of the involved characters are deliciously laid out in a multi-layered web, confounded by secrets that will gradually unfold, amongst a plethora of red herrings. No one apparently is who we originally thought.

Hendricks and Pekkanen seamlessly craft a complex and twisted narrative that delves into the minds and actions of all involved, while slowly ratcheting up tension and intrigue, and culminating an unexpected explosive denouement. The reader is immersed in an intricate plot in this tense and addictive psychological thriller. Avery Chamber’s first-person narrative is expertly alternated with those of Marissa, encouraging the “hooked” reader into rapid page-turning to uncover the true motivations and secrets. There is a sinister element that binds the secrets and deceit together. Who really is trustworthy? Jump on board to this emotional roller coaster ride and explore the human psyche and diversity of relationships.

 I personally switched back and forth between reading the book and listening to the audiobook. Marin Ireland and Karissa Vacker provided superb narration, their voices and inflections brought the multiple characters to life in the “theater” of my mind.

Thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan Publishers for providing an Uncorrected Proof and Audio Recording in exchange for an honest review. Just another excellent novel in a string of collaborations between Hendricks and Pekkanen, who possess amazing synchronicity.

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