The Influencer
April 30, 2021

Book Review

The Influencer

Miranda Rijks

reviewed by Cara DiCostanzo



Skye Walker (Just Skye, please) is a social media influencer, worshipped by millions. Nathan is the head of a small charity, Sacha’s Sanctuary, in memory of his late wife. His charity supports the homeless and Skye, formerly homeless, would like to support his charity at no cost to him.

Her homelessness jump started her career and how she got herself off the streets. There is an old saying that when something seems too good to be true, usually it is. While Nathan does not know who she is, his teenage daughters do and urge him to take the offer.  

As Skye gets more involved with Sacha’s Sanctuary, Nathan feels she wants to be more involved in his personal life than he is comfortable with. She seems to show up wherever he is and more concernedly, where his daughters are, he realizes their business partnership really is too good to be true. When things spiral out of control and he starts to distance himself from Skye, Nathan’s world falls apart. When his beloved fiancé, Marie, leaves him, it forces him to decide if Skye’s involvement in his charity is worth the extra money she is bringing in.  

Skye is a very well written character, and the author does an outstanding job of describing what goes on behind the scenes of an influencer. Skye starts out as such a likeable character, but starts to crack almost immediately. The Influencer begins when she is a teenager and homeless, having just been rescued by a wealthy teen, Tiffany, unhappy with her own home life. The character development is spot on with both Nathan and Skye.

The Influencer is told from two points of view – Nathan’s and Skye’s, and it really helps the reader with what their thoughts are. It also moves the story along at a nice pace. The reader can see exactly when the story turns and becomes dangerous. The book also flashes back to Skye’s story with Tiffany, which helps us see who Skye was before she became an influencer.

 This book had all the things that make up a psychological thriller: anticipation, suspense, well-written dialogue and many gasp worthy moments. As the reader, I felt engaged with the characters and story line and was excited to find out the next twist. The very last twist at the end was very unexpected and makes me wonder if there will be another book starring that character. The Influencer is a roller coaster of emotions, but one you won’t want to get off of too quickly.

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