February 25, 2021

Book Review

The Maidens

Alex Michaelides

reviewed by Chelsea Hofmann

Six girls dressed in white make up the secret society The Maidens at Cambridge University. Their leader, esteemed Greek Tragedy professor Edward Fosca. But six used to be seven, before one was found murdered in a field.

Aunt of the murdered girl’s roommate, Mariana Andros, is a group therapist who just wants to be there for her niece. Unfortunately, death and doom follow Mariana wherever she goes. The people she loves most in life are all gone, except for her niece Zoe. Mariana goes to her to see if she can help her through the difficult time.

Mariana immediately suspects Edward as the murderer, and can’t get the idea out of her head. She begins to track his moves, look into his background, and search for a motive. She thinks he’s gotten away with murder, and uses the investigation as a distraction from her own personal life. Mariana is much more complicated than she seems, and when another body is found, she decides she won’t rest until someone is brought to justice.

The perfect companion to The Silent Patient, Alex Michaelides uses beautiful writing and Greek history to create a modern day Greek tragedy. The lyrical writing compliments the eerie murder and mysterious secret society. He once again takes the reader on a psychological journey that leaves you breathless and enthralled. The short chapters make it impossible to put down but there is no way to predict the ending of The Maidens.

While reading, I felt like I was really on a punt in Cambridge or on the island of Naxos. The characters were all so intriguing and mysterious, and each had their own unique stories. I liked Mariana as a main character, as well as all the supporting characters she came in contact with. Each one contributed to the story and the mystery as well.

As a fan of his debut, The Silent Patient, I loved the references to the book and the way he connects the two stories. Michaelides is truly the master of misdirection, and has the reader guessing until the very last page. He has quickly shot to the top of the list of my favorite authors, and creates books that are true psychological thrillers, full of questionable characters.

This book should be on the top of everyone’s most anticipated books of the year. It is a twisted story of mythology, murder, and obsession, that will have you hanging on every word until the very last page.

Thank you to Celadon Books and Alex Michaelides for my ARC of this book. Opinions are my own. The Maidens comes out on June 1, 2021.

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