The Perfect Family
May 28, 2021

Book Review

The Perfect Family

reviewed by Fiona Cook

The Perfect Family – from the outside, that’s exactly what you’d think Thomas and Viv Adler have built together. From their beautifully restored home, to their two accomplished children, to their lifestyle of ease and success, they present an ideal facade. But don’t let appearances trick you; it’s not long before Robyn Harding will let you in on just how deceptive they can be.

For the reader, it all starts with a fire set on a dark night, before we’re quickly whisked back in time to where it all began. Small at first, but escalating quickly, the Adler’s are harassed and tormented in their own home, until events reach a peak and what started badly hits an all-time low. Crucial in this kind of book, the family are all endearing in their own way, even as they make mistakes and reveal their all-too-human flaws. You’ll want them to be safe, worry for them as they try to find out just how things went so wrong.

Robyn Harding is already an international bestseller, and The Perfect Family is everything you should expect from an accomplished writer. The peeling back of the seemingly perfect layers of the Adler’s lives is expertly done, absolutely nailing that balance between keeping the reader in suspense and letting them in on the juicy, secret, details. Her writing is excellent – it was so easy to sink into this book and forget I was reading, the whole thing went by almost too fast.

When I say juicy secrets, too, let me assure you that there is plenty of intrigue going on under the surface of this family’s lives. There’s plenty going on for each of them that could be causing the terrifying incidents of harassment and vandalism, and the further through the book you get, the more each family member looks like the true target.

The Perfect Family is deliciously twisty, completely engrossing, and ultimately a very satisfying read. Whether you’re new to Robyn Harding or an established fan, this novel is sure to blow you away.

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