The Third Grave
June 4, 2021

Book Review

The Third Grave

reviewed by Cara DiCostanzo



Three graves, two bodies, one suspect. This is the premise of Lisa Jackson’s latest novel, The Third Grave

Bruno Cravens is recently out of jail and in search of his next “adventure.” His Grandfather has recently died and Bruno has found the key to the old Bonaventure mansion, where his grandfather was a caretaker.

He has heard tales all of his life of a treasure hidden behind a wall in its cavernous basement, but what he finds instead are the bodies of two young girls in a tomb behind the wall, identified as Holly and Poppy Duval, sisters who went missing over twenty years ago after being dropped off at a movie theater by their brother, Owen. But where is Rose? She is the third and youngest sister who has never been found. 

Nikki Gillette is a reporter, true crime writer, and married to the officer in charge of investigating the murder. She is also reckless, insensitive, and extremely narcissistic. When we meet Nikki, she is newly pregnant after several miscarriages. While they have asked her to take it easy after becoming pregnant, for Nikki, that is not an option. She hears of bodies discovered at the old Bonaventure Mansion and she has to go investigate. After all, this could be the subject of her next book! Unfortunately, it does not go as planned and Nikki falls in the river while investigating. When Reed’s partner, Sylvie Morrisette, jumps in to save her, she sadly loses her life. While Nikki feels terrible that Sylvie has died, leaving behind two children, it does not deter her from further investigating, despite Reed’s insistence she stay home. 

Sadly, the death and discovery of these two young girls are just the beginning, as bodies start piling up. The brother, Owen, remains the prime suspect, despite having an alibi for when they disappeared. As Nikki and Reed continue investigating and getting in each other’s way, they discover there is much more to the story of the Duval girl’s disappearance 20 years ago. 

The Third Grave is my first Lisa Jackson novel, and the fourth in a series. It is told from several points of view; Nikki Gillette, Pierce Reed, Jade Delacroix, Owen Duval, Bruno Cravens and a mysterious narrator, whose identity we don’t find out until the very end. Though I don’t feel like I was missing any information from not reading the first two books. This book has all the elements of an amazing thriller; interesting characters, a plot that keeps you engaged and so many twists and turns that leave you guessing.

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