December 27, 2023
Underrated Crime Films

Underrated Crime Films

The most underrated crime movies of all time

Exploring the landscape of underrated crime movies reveals several hidden gems that offer rich narratives, intriguing characters, and distinctive takes on the genre, despite not always basking in the limelight of their more renowned counterparts.

“A Prophet,” a 2009 French film by Jacques Audiard, tells the gripping tale of a young Arab man navigating the criminal underworld within a French prison. Its raw realism and profound character development mark it as a standout.

Matthew Vaughn’s “Layer Cake” from 2004, a British crime drama, often gets overshadowed by bigger names in gangster cinema. The film revolves around a drug dealer’s sophisticated attempt to retire, showcasing an engaging script and strong performances.

“The Friends of Eddie Coyle,” directed by Peter Yates in 1973, brings to life the gritty world of low-level mobsters in Boston. The film is celebrated for its authentic dialogue and Robert Mitchum’s stellar performance as the lead.

Gritty and unglamorous, “Gomorrah” (2008) by Matteo Garrone dives into the lives affected by the Camorra crime syndicate in Naples, Italy. Its unvarnished portrayal of crime’s societal impact is both unsettling and riveting.

Juan José Campanella’s “The Secret in Their Eyes” from 2009 is an Argentinian masterpiece that weaves together a crime narrative with deep explorations of love and justice, standing out for its emotional depth and narrative complexity.

“Animal Kingdom,” a 2010 Australian crime drama by David Michôd, explores the tense dynamics within a criminal family in Melbourne, delivering an intensely gripping and powerfully acted story.

The Hong Kong film “Infernal Affairs” (2002) by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak, which inspired “The Departed,” is a brilliantly crafted crime thriller featuring a complex story of undercover agents infiltrating the mob and the police.

“Sexy Beast” from 2000, directed by Jonathan Glazer, is a unique British film that mixes dark humor with intense drama. It portrays a retired criminal dragged back for one last job, highlighted by Ben Kingsley’s remarkable performance.

David Cronenberg’s “Eastern Promises” (2007) offers a raw look into the Russian mafia in London, known for its stark portrayal of violence and a notable performance by Viggo Mortensen.

Lastly, “City of God” by Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund, a Brazilian film from 2002, provides a vivid depiction of the rise of organized crime in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. Despite critical acclaim, it’s sometimes overlooked in the pantheon of great crime movies.

Each of these films adds a unique flavor to the crime genre, whether it’s through their cultural backdrop, storytelling style, or character portrayal, making them worthy of greater recognition and appreciation among crime cinema enthusiasts.

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