Vendetta in the Valley
November 13, 2023

Book Review

Vendetta in the Valley

Drew Strickland’s writing continues to improve as I delve deeper into his series. Set in small-town West Virginia, Strickland vividly brings Sheriff Elven Hallie to life, weaving numerous twists throughout the series. In this installment, Sheriff Hallie grapples with a shocking revelation about one of his close deputies. Concurrently, a series of murders by arson across the county adds to his troubles.

Amidst the chaos in Dupray, Hallie faces a daunting challenge. The climactic ending, revealing much that has been building throughout the series, makes this a must-read for fans. Another outstanding piece by Drew Strickland, whose series keeps improving.

Struggling to comprehend recent revelations about his deputy, Maddison ‘Madds’ Cook, Sheriff Elven Hallie is initially withdrawn. However, his duty to protect Dupray County, West Virginia, overrides his personal turmoil. The investigation takes a dark turn with the murder of a former deputy in a fire, strongly suggesting arson.

This is not an isolated incident but part of a series of similar crimes, seemingly unconnected. Memories of a young man asking questions around Dupray lead to a breakthrough. A past incident involving a baby sent to foster care now seems to be the motive for these crimes, with someone seeking answers and retribution.

Additionally, Hollis Starcher confronts Sheriff Hallie regarding his son’s death. Despite the Starchers’ criminal activities and influence in the county, they too fall under the sheriff’s jurisdiction. Hallie’s previous bold actions to maintain order and protect his team now place him in the Starchers’ crosshairs, seeking vengeance. In these treacherous times, Hallie must rely on those around him for protection and sanity. This gripping narrative kept me engrossed until the final reveal.

The novel seamlessly continues from the previous books, connecting more dots and maintaining strong story arcs. Drew Strickland excels at engaging the reader with deep character development and a compelling narrative. The small-town setting adds a cozy yet chaotic element, and the story’s gritty delivery compels readers to keep turning pages.

Sheriff Elven Hallie, the central character, confronts his demons and troubled past. His trust issues, particularly with Deputy Madds Cook’s betrayal, are central to the story. The revelation about the Starchers adds depth to the plot, a theme Strickland has been developing over the past five novels. With well-developed supporting characters, Strickland sets the stage for what promises to be an explosive next installment.

This novel packs significant plot development, especially concerning Madds Cook’s arrival in Dupray. The startling story arcs and twists keep the reader engaged, eagerly anticipating future developments. The climactic events leave me both satisfied and eagerly awaiting the next update from Dupray County. This series, under Drew Strickland’s masterful direction, continues to excel.

Kudos to Mr. Strickland for bringing the story to a boiling point and leaving readers on edge with a cliffhanger!

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