What Happened to the Bennetts
January 6, 2022

Book Review

What Happened to the Bennetts

reviewed by Erin Clemence


Jason Bennett is driving home one night with his wife and two children when they are carjacked, and his teenaged daughter, Alison, is shot and killed. Devastated and grieving, Jason and his wife Lucinda soon find out the person who shot their daughter is a dangerous man, and they are put into witness protection, along with their son, without any time to tell their remaining family and friends.

Unable to bury their daughter, Jason and Lucinda are broken-hearted, living under the supervision of the FBI. When the identity of their daughter’s shooter is revealed, both Jason and Lucinda hope they will be able to have peace. But there is more than meets the eye when the shooter is involved in an even wider conspiracy- involving a drug dealing gang, a high-powered lawyer, even the FBI. Jason, unsure who to trust, sets out on his own to get justice for his daughter, risking his life along the way.

Lisa Scottoline’s new highly addictive novel What Happened to the Bennetts? is a page-turning, pulse-pounding story full of family drama, intrigue and conspiracy. Scottoline not only encapsulates the all-encompassing grief of a parent losing a child, but she had all of my hairs standing on her end with the non-stop action and suspense!

Jason Bennett is a court reporter, who spent some time working with the worst of the worst at Gitmo, and now, years later, he has developed a practice of his own. Immediately, I connected with Jason, a family man who would stop at nothing to seek justice within a broken system. From heartbreak to anger to pure satisfaction, Scottoline has her characters run the entire gamut of emotions, bringing the reader along for the ride.

Each chapter ended on a suspenseful cliff-hanger, making the novel even more of a page-turner. There were no dull moments, and so many twists, in true Scottoline fashion, that when the ending came it was both satisfying and disappointing, as I did not want this novel to end! Scottoline’s well-researched plot pulls the reader deep into the corrupt legal and judicial system, with the FBI, and the WITSEC program, building even more of a connection between the reader and the Bennett family.

Fans of Scottoline will not be disappointed, as What Happened to the Bennetts has everything her life-long readers have come to expect and fans of taut and gripping legal dramas will be unable to put this novel down! Relatable, honest characters and a well-developed plot loaded with action and suspense, “What Happened to the Bennett’s” is a must-read for 2022!


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