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March 29, 2021

Book Review

When A Stranger Comes To Town

Edited by Michael Koryta

reviewed by Chris Carroll


From Mystery Writers of America, edited by Michael Koryta, comes a spine-tingling collection of stories that focus on strangers, written by some of the biggest names in crime fiction, along with some newcomers.

We’ve been taught about stranger danger since we were children. They could be neighbors, a passerby on the street, or an acquaintance who, in a different situation, gives you that strange feeling. This anthology focuses on a wide range of possible strangers from the pens of more than twenty writers. Some very well-known authors make an appearance, as well as several new names many may not have read before. No matter whether veteran or newer author, the collection is fantastic, and the length of stories perfect for a quick read, or to sit and enjoy several stories at once.

Overall, When A Stranger Comes To Town offers a wide taste of what each individual author feels when that stranger alert tickles the back of the neck. This anthology offers a wonderful variation of stories where the theme capitalizes on that stranger theory.

Here’s a short recap of a few stories, for readers to get a feel for this what is inside:

  • Avalon by Michael Connelly – Small town sheriff and a murder for hire
  • Here’s to New Friends by Jacqueline Freimor – Stranger on a train
  • Room For One More by Joe R. Lansdale – Caught in a twist of fate
  • A Six-Letter Word For Neighbor by Lisa Unger– A creepy neighbor and a murderous affair
  • Perfect Strangers by Tilia Klebenov Jacobs – The perfect setup
  • Do You Remember by Lori Roy – Psychological murder mystery
  • P.F.A. by Michael Koryta – Welcome to the neighborhood gift

If crime fiction is your cup of tea, this compilation will capture your attention. With When A Stranger Comes To Town readers will dive into a new author or enjoy a story from a past favorite. Just make sure that you are in the mood for a bit of crime, mystery, and mayhem. 

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