A Forgotten Kill
April 10, 2024
Book Review

A Forgotten Kill

reviewed by Lou Jacobs


“Criminal Minds,” a show that captivated audiences for 15 seasons, concluded with its 324th episode on February 19, 2020, leaving a dedicated fanbase craving more. Isabella Maldonado steps in to satisfy this hunger with her thrilling narrative. Delving deep into the psyche of a cunning and twisted serial killer, she presents a story that’s bound to enthrall.


This narrative is the second installment in the Special Agent Daniela Vega series, which continues to exceed expectations. Maldonado’s novel, while part of a series, stands strong on its own, offering readers a comprehensive backstory. With over two decades of law enforcement experience, Maldonado infuses this gripping tale with authenticity, exploring the dark interplay between Daniela and a malevolent predator known as “Connor.” The story skillfully reveals Connor’s backstory and motivations alongside his gruesome acts.

Daniela Vega’s journey begins with a traumatic discovery at seventeen when she finds her mother in a shocking scene, leading to her mother’s commitment to a psychiatric facility. Daniela’s subsequent path into the military and then the FBI is marked by her exceptional skills and determination. After a decade, with her mother showing signs of lucidity, Daniela is drawn back into the unresolved mystery of her father’s death.

Now on administrative leave, Daniela seizes the opportunity to investigate her father’s case with the help of NYPD Detective Mark Flint and Detective Chapmen. Despite Chapmen’s reluctance to reopen the case, Daniela’s expertise in pattern recognition propels her into the heart of a serial killer investigation, uncovering a trail of victims linked by disturbing patterns and a lack of forensic evidence.

Isabella Maldonado crafts a complex, riveting narrative with precise, gritty prose that builds suspense and tension to an unputdownable climax. The story takes readers on a tumultuous journey, filled with clues, suspects, and misleading trails, challenging them to solve the mystery alongside the protagonist.

Maldonado’s insightful and engaging storytelling, enriched by her extensive experience in law enforcement, makes for an enthralling addition to the crime fiction genre. This novel not only offers a thrilling experience but also leaves readers eagerly anticipating more adventures with FBI Special Agent Daniela Vega. Special thanks to Isabella Maldonado, NetGalley, and Thomas & Mercer for providing an Uncorrected Proof in exchange for an honest review.

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