A House With Good Bones
January 20, 2023

Book Review

A House With Good Bones

reviewed by Sheena Alizadeh


“The roses say to say your prayers”

Sam visits her mother in North Carolina after her brother expresses concern over her wellbeing. She’s excited to spend some time with her to relax and take some time off work. On Sam’s arrival, things end up not being as expected. The home’s decor has changed back into what her grandmother used to have when she was alive. Her mother is on edge and seems scared as if someone is watching. To make matters worse, the neighbors’ vultures are watching the home as if they know something. The neighbor actually does know something, but can’t tell Sam what’s going on for some reason. 


On top of the weird behavior her mother is exhibiting, Sam begins hearing voices in her head and experiences sleep paralysis for the first time ever. She even finds a jar of buried teeth in the garden. Sam realizes something weird is seriously going on and can no longer deny it.  


T. Kingfisher maintains her signature humor and unique plots in A House With Good Bones. There’s the perfect blend of fantasy and horror that balance each other out. The atmosphere is creepy and almost suffocating, with a sense of unease throughout the story. The writing is fast paced and very easy to read.


The characters are lovable and Sam was very quirky. The mother daughter dynamic was done very well and I enjoyed that they shared everything with each other. As always, there is a lovable animal companion – Hermes the Vulture. The side characters are also charming in their own ways with witty banter.


Overall, this makes for an enjoyable read and I recommend it for any fans of Kingfisher! Make sure to be on the look out for this one on March 28, 2023. I’m already looking forward to her next novel. Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book.
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