Lethal Vengeance
January 21, 2024

Book Review

Lethal Vengeance

reviewed by Carolyn Scott


DCI Erika Foster is first on the scene when politician Neville Lomas is found hog-tied and very dead in his apartment in the building where Erika was dining with her partner Igor.

However, the sensitive case is soon turned over to another Detective, and since the politician was known for enjoying unusual sexual practices, his death is not rigorously investigated and quickly ruled as natural causes and not further investigated.

However, when Erika comes across a second death of a high-profile celebrity, she believes the deaths are connected and that both men were murdered. Pressure from above to concentrate on the second murder and not investigate the death of the politician to prevent scandal and media interest, does little to persuade Erika to back down and she quietly continues her investigations into both cases.

Anyone familiar with this series will know that Erika Foster is not one to shy away from those in higher office. She is a strong and determined woman, determined to find justice for the victim, even at the risk of damaging the chance of advancing her career. This time she is up against a very smart killer with a fixed agenda that they are determined to complete. It’s a complex case with no forensic evidence and surprisingly little help from CCTV recordings.

Knowing that she has a high rate of solving difficult cases, Erika’s team are, as always, loyal and dedicated and they work well together, however one new member, Dahlia Black, is causing her concern. She’s a little puzzled about how Dahlia was assigned to her team and isn’t sure if she can trust her yet. Erika is also a little concerned about her partner, Igor. There is something bothering him that he isn’t telling her and she hopes it’s nothing to do with their relationship as she really likes him and his teenage son Tom, who lives with him.

There are many good twists in this cleverly thought-out plot. Short punchy chapters interspersed with the killer’s voice keep the reader engaged and hungry for more. It would work well as a stand-alone novel, but readers will be missing out if they don’t read the series from the beginning. Gripping and suspenseful, and as always compelling reading; this is one of the best episodes yet! Please keep them coming Mr Bryndza!

With thanks to Raven Street Publishing via Netgalley for a copy to read.

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