My Wife is Missing
May 18, 2022
Book Review

My Wife is Missing

reviewed by Sandra Hoover

Natalie and Michael Hart and children Addie and Bryce take a mini vacation to New York City for two reasons – to work on their failing marriage and to show the kids the sites.  It’s a trip that should heal a broken family . . . or so Michael thought. 

When he returns from picking up pizza for his family, he finds their hotel room empty with his son’s beloved teddy bear laying on the floor. His family is gone lock, stock and baggage. When security cameras show his wife fleeing with his children, his search begins.

 My Wife Is Missing is a complex thriller told through the dual points of view of Natalie and Michael – two highly unreliable narrators. Readers quickly learn that Natalie suffers debilitating insomnia leaving Michael questioning her sanity, while Michel has some dark, buried secrets that he’ll do anything to protect. Needless to say, communication is non-existent between the couple, leaving them both worrying and contemplating different possibilities. What does Natalie suspect that has her fleeing with her children? Is Michael having an affair or is something more sinister happening? Is Natalie having a breakdown or is she also burying secrets? Michael follows her trail with an unexpected ally, hoping to find answers.

 This is another solid thriller from author D.J. Palmer. Alternating past/present scenes from both Natalie and Michael allow readers to partially figure out what brought them to this point. The plot is quite twisted and convoluted with enough red herrings to keep readers guessing which kept me turning the pages. While the action moves steadily, the story tends to falter somewhat in the middle mostly from overly repetitive speculations and scenes about Natalie’s insomnia which is understandable as it’s the driving force behind the story serving to fuel the dilemma of who to believe. I’m happy to say the pace picks up again and readers will need to buckle up to avoid whiplash on the chaotic rocket ride to a surprise ending.

I’m a fan of this author, and while My Wife Is Missing isn’t my favorite of his work, I’m happy to say it’s worth the read and one I can highly recommend to fans of suspense and thrillers.

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