If Something Happens to Me
March 20, 2024
Book Review

If Something Happens to Me

reviewed by Fiona Cook

Five years ago, Ryan Richardson’s life was irrevocably changed by a harrowing night—he was attacked, his girlfriend Ali was abducted, and only the absence of concrete evidence (coupled with a competent lawyer) prevented him from facing charges.

However, now, after all this time, Ali’s car has been discovered submerged, and a trip to Italy confronts Ryan with the only other person he recalls from that night—the man missing pinky fingers, last seen as Ryan was forcibly separated from the girl he loved. Unraveling the mystery will take him around the globe, but only with support from back home will he finally uncover what transpired all those years ago.

Alex Finlay consistently delivers fast-paced thrillers, and “If Something Happens to Me” dives straight into the heart of the mystery without delay. From the outset, it’s full throttle—maintaining its pace right through to the breathless conclusion. In addition to Ryan’s narrative, we also explore the lives of the new deputy Poppy McGee and mobster Shane O’Leary; their wildly divergent situations, characters, and storylines seem impossible to merge—until they do, with Finlay’s masterful storytelling weaving all the threads into a cohesive big picture that snaps perfectly into place.

The thrill of a twist is unmatched, and there’s no one who can surprise me as consistently as this author. The story doesn’t merely become a race to discover the truth—balancing this aspect is a challenge—yet I find the journey just as rewarding as the destination. Finlay crafts characters that are a pleasure to read about, mysteries that captivate, and novels that are as exhilarating as they are intricate. This blend makes for an invariably exceptional reading experience with his books, and If Something Happens to Me adds another distinguished accolade to his already remarkable repertoire.

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