Military Thriller VIOLENT PEACE

Dec. 13, 2020


Violent Peace

David Poyer

reviewed by Chris Carroll


The last installment of this series, Overthrow, was not only a surprise, but delivered a depth of insight and understanding as to what could happen in our delicate political atmosphere. If we take nothing else away, it’s that the world is a balancing act unlike any other.

In this installment, World War 3 is over and the world powers have reached an armistice. The author dives into many of the delicate negotiations in one area of the world while in another our navies are involved in an altercation that could critically end that temporary armistice.

Meanwhile, Dan Lenson’s career hangs in the balance while he searches for his missing daughter in the post-Armageddon USA. And elsewhere, a Marine fights for his sanity and mental balance as he struggles with PTSD and massive lung damage. Marriages are crumbling. Trauma cascades from the after effects of a decimating war. The US is not what it was or as we know it today.

This book, and indeed the series, is not for the faint of heart. The story is told with the raw, gritty visuals of a horrific war. While it can seem unrealistic to some—with the weapons and mechanics of war available today—this story is not much of a stretch.

With the delicate political atmosphere we see now, this story reminds us that we have a job ahead of us to ensure that what Poyer writes as fiction does not become nonfiction.

For readers of military action, espionage, and intense reality. Poyer pulls no punches with his insight into the future.

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