Sexy Beast
March 22, 2024

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Sexy Beast

reviewed by Eric Ellis

“Sexy Beast” is a 2000 British crime thriller directed by Jonathan Glazer, featuring Ray Winstone, Ben Kingsley, and Ian McShane, supported by a highly capable cast.

Ray Winstone stars as Gal Dove, a retired thief and safecracker now enjoying life in a Spanish villa with his wife, DeeDee (Amanda Redman), a former adult film actress. Gal spends his time with his longtime friend Aitch (Cavan Kendall), and during a dinner, Aitch and his girlfriend announce that Don Logan (Ben Kingsley) will be visiting Gal’s villa with an enticing, come-out-of-retirement heist proposal.

The couples are displeased with Don’s arrival due to his uncontrollable temper and borderline psychotic behavior, and soon learn Logan’s plan involves Teddy Bass (Ian McShane), an even more dangerous man. As the plot unfolds, Gal finds himself compelled to participate in the heist, forcing him to return to England.

The casting for “Sexy Beast” couldn’t have been more spot-on. Winstone perfectly embodies the charisma of a man adored by many, while Kingsley’s portrayal of Don Logan captures the essence of a man feared by all. Ian McShane, with limited screen time as Teddy Bass, delivers a performance that could not have been bettered, embodying a lethal, cobra-like presence.

“Sexy Beast 2024” (Series) is a prequel to the 2000 film. The series revisits the characters in London, engaging in increasingly bold heists and building their reputation as talented, emerging bandits.

In the series, Don Logan exhibits a volatile yet somewhat controllable nature, thanks to his sister, Cecilia, played by Tamsin Greig with a chilling and formidable presence. Cecilia introduces a young and already lethal Teddy Bass (Stephen Moyer) to the group, leading to a series of dangerous tasks that test their resolve and reveal hidden agendas.

The casting of the series mirrors the original film’s characters exceptionally well, with actors replicating the established body language, mannerisms, and speech patterns.

It’s rare to find original programming that seamlessly blends a story with its prequel or sequel as effectively as the “Sexy Beast” movie and series. The creators excel in casting and storytelling, offering deep insights into the characters’ development and psychology.

The portrayals by Greig and Moyer are particularly noteworthy, with Moyer’s Teddy Bass standing out as an unforgettable on-screen villain.

“Sexy Beast,” both the movie and the series, comes highly recommended for fans of crime heist narratives. The series, in particular, is a must-watch for fans of the original film.

Regrettably, “Sexy Beast” the series risks becoming one of the best television series that remains underappreciated. Hopefully, it will be recognized in the “Best of 2024” lists, receiving the attention it deserves.

Both the movie and the series are available for streaming on Paramount+

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