The Lost Witch
December 2, 2022

Book Review

The Lost Witch

reviewed by Pam Guynn

The Lost Witch by Paige Crutcher combines paranormal romance and suspense with heartbreak, magic, and hope in an evocative good versus evil story line. While the first chapter takes place in 1922, the rest of the story occurs in 2022. Both timelines take place in Evermore on an island off the coast of Ireland.

Brigid Heron is a powerful witch and healer in Evermore in 1922. She longs for a child and allows herself to be seduced by Luc Knightly, head of the Knightly coven. However, when her child becomes ill, she is willing to do anything to heal her. In 2022, Evermore is under siege from the witches of Knight who have been using their chaos magic to bring creatures to the island to prey on the villagers. Brigid awakens in this new world with memory gaps of what happened and where she’s been. She must work with her descendants, Ophelia and Finola, to stop the witches of Knight.

Brigid, Ophelia, Finola, and Luc are well-defined characters with depth. Their personalities shine throughout the book. While Ophelia was somewhat serious, Finola provided some lightness and humor. Brigid and Luc show significant growth over the course of the novel. As Brigid tries to understand the repercussions from what occurred in 1922 and attempts to recover her memories, it was enjoyable to watch her personality take on added dimensions. The antagonist witches known as East, West, North, and South, keep the tension high and provide some surprises.

The author did a great job of transporting me to this community in both timelines. The imagery was extraordinary. However, the pacing in the middle section of the book was slow. I believe this was partially due to Brigid’s memory gaps. The readers were struggling along with her to determine what had happened. My other quibble is that there were times when the writing was more telling than showing. This also affected the novel’s pacing.

The author weaves a story of light versus darkness that highlights mythology, folktales, monsters, family, love, heartbreak, power, kindness, and helping others. The plot has some unexpected twists and the antagonist’s psychosis was memorable.

Overall, this was an entertaining story that kept me engaged. The rich storyline with its layered plot, several interesting characters, and plenty of action made this a pleasurable read. Those that enjoy good versus evil stories with some romance and action may want to consider this book as their next read.

St. Martin’s Press – St. Martin’s Griffin and Paige Crutcher provided a complimentary digital ARC of this novel via NetGalley. This is my honest review. Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way. Publication date is currently set for December 27, 2022.

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