The Saboteurs
April 12, 2021

Book Review

The Saboteurs

Clive Cussler & Jack Du Brul

reviewed by Jennifer Bradford

thejwordpress | Goodreads


The Saboteurs is a thrilling account of attempts by various groups to delay the construction and opening of the “Magnificent Engineering Masterpiece,” the Panama Canal.

In Buenos Aires, German envoy Otto Dreissner explains the impact the Canal opening will have on Argentina to the Foreign Minister of Argentina, The Kaiser is aware of the meeting. In San Diego, the life of Senator William Dennismore is threatened when multiple gunmen interrupt a dinner with the aim of stopping Dennismore’s support of the Canal. Fortunately, Isaac Bell, lead detective of the VanDorn Detective agency, is at the dinner. Though outmanned and lacking weapons, Bell is able to save the members of the Senators party.

Next comes a series of auto chases—yes 1913 auto chases—as the assassins attempt to eliminate Bell. Again, knowledge and skill save him from certain death. But of course, all is not over. Bell has to steal a boat and speed off. Where are the assassins? Right behind him. Again, Bell overcomes all the obstacles. In fact, he lures the assassins into a trap that results in their capture by the US Navy.

These events lead to Isaac being sent to Panama to investigate the connection between the attack on the Senators, the numerous destructive “accidents” around the Canal, and foreign intervention in Panama.

In Panama, Isaac receives a tour of the Canal with detailed explanation of its construction and the machinery needed to build it. It is an awesome build. As he tries to determine who is sabotaging the Canal construction, Bell experiences train wrecks, monstrous mud slides, bombs, dam breaks and flooding, arson, sniper attacks, and plane crashes. Only his mental acuity, physical ability, and commitment save him.

The Saboteurs demands your attention. There are about 70 characters and an ample number of exploits; combine the two and you have an excellent read.

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