This Is Why We Lied
June 14, 2024

Book Review

This Is Why We Lied

reviewed by Sandra Hoover


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As fans of the critically acclaimed Will Trent television series celebrate news of the show’s renewal for another season, Author Karin Slaughter prepares for the August release of This Is Why We Lied, Will Trent book #12, a locked room style murder mystery that derails the idyllic honeymoon Will Trent planned for his bride Sarah Linton.

As in previous series books, the subject matter is dark, disturbing and brutally in-your-face honest highlighting the life shattering effects of drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and child abuse on victims and their families.  Isolate yourself in your own locked room with minimum interruptions before diving into this one as it’s a cover-to-cover, break your heart, edge of your seat thriller.

GBI Investigator Will Trent and his new bride Medical Examiner Sara Linton tell a trivial lie to conceal their real occupations when signing in at the McAlpine Lodge as a honeymooning mechanic and chemistry teacher. Will surprised Sara with the remote getaway, hoping to celebrate their marriage by leaving work behind for long days and nights in each other’s arms. The secluded location boasts breathtaking scenery, private cabins, a large scenic lake for fishing and swimming, and a luxurious lodge where guests gather for drinks and meals. When their first lodge dinner ends in an ugly, threatening family quarrel, Will second-guesses his choice of venues. His reservations prove true later that night when his romantic skinny-dipping outing with Sara is shattered by a bloodcurdling scream, sending them scrambling to find a woman succumbing from fatal wounds. Will and Sara are sickened by the lack of grief exhibited for the victim and concerned when they discover each family member, as well as several guests, has a motive for wanting the victim dead. As ties to the outside world are severed by a raging storm, Will manages to send an SOS to Amanda receiving a reply indicating Faith and Amanda are on the way. Will they arrive in time to stop a psychotic killer before he/she strikes again?

This Is Why We Lied unfolds through the dual points of view from Will and Sara with Mercy’s point of view and backstory revealed via journal entries written to her son over the years chronicling her mental and physical abuse as well as the resentment festering within her toxic family. Slaughter doesn’t sugar coat anything as she expertly manipulates characters and readers through a complex, twisted plot line with the remote setting and fury of Mother Nature playing a key role in creating havoc while setting the stage for a highly volatile, locked room situation where every stranded character on the mountain is a viable suspect. An ill-fated, malignant tone saturates the air driving a frenzied pace through a minefield of shocking revelations waiting to detonate. While my suspicions on the identity of the killer proved true, reasons surrounding the savage stabbing left me reeling and heartsick. Warning triggers include domestic violence, addiction, child abuse, rape and incest with each one professionally managed within the context of the story by Author Karin Slaughter. The darkness is lightened with evidence of the power of love and trust to heal and reform woven throughout. Fans of the series will love seeing Will surrender to his love for Sara and enjoy the interaction between Will and his boss Amanda with comic relief provided by Faith’s inner monologue soothing the heavy load.

This Is Why We Lied has it all. A secluded setting with a raging storm. A hate fueled murder. A malevolent family. Eight conspiratorial guests. A race against time to unmask a deranged villain. Everyone has a reason why they lied in this gritty thriller by the queen of psychological thrillers. It’s up to readers and Will to sift through all the lies and red herrings to deduce which liar is also a killer.  Intense, gripping, gutsy, multilayered and highly emotional, This Is Why We Lied is Karin Slaughter at her best. Highly recommended to fans of the series and all readers who enjoy a fast-paced, dark suspense thriller. 

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