Can't Look Away
April 13, 2022

Book Review

Can't Look Away

reviewed by Cara DiCostanzo



 Can’t Look Away, Carola Lovering’s third book, isn’t exactly a mystery or thriller. It crosses many genres, including romance, suspense, and a tearjerker with some mystery thrown in. But wow. What a book! Layered characters, evil exes, cute kids, bitchy women and handsome rock stars all rolled into one fabulous package. 

Molly, a young 23-year-old aspiring writer, is living in Brooklyn, when she sees Jake Danner of “Danner Lane” perform for the first time. Their eyes meet and they fall head over heels in love. Though Jake is just getting out of a relationship, they move quickly, sharing an apartment after six months together. When the popularity of the band explodes, so does their relationship, though their timeline together spans years.

The book jumps back and forth between timelines and voices; Molly as a 23-year-old girlfriend of a rock star and Molly later in life, as a young mother living in a small Connecticut town married to another man. Also, Sabrina, the ex-girlfriend of a rock star and now, a young mother living in Flynn Cove. Life in this little town, a wealthy enclave of young families, should be idyllic and is until Molly’s secrets are slowly uncovered. 

The mystery revolves around Sabrina, a newcomer to town, and Molly’s new friend. What the reader learns almost immediately is that Sabrina has known Molly for a long time and is not a fan. But how does she know her? Sabrina’s ramblings in the book, those of a creepy stalker, bring that suspense into Can’t Look Away that the reader is craving. This is definitely a page turner, and I looked forward to Sabrina’s chilling voice in direct contrast to Molly’s angst. 

Carola Lovering is a new author for me. Some things I loved about this book were how twisty it was, but I also enjoyed Molly’s unpredictability. She doesn’t make the decisions you think she will make, and I liked that unreliable narrator piece. This was entertaining and kept you addicted to the last page. While the story is told in dual timelines (2013 and 2022), it is not confusing as it is in some books. There is so much emotion from both characters that really draws the reader in. 

The conclusion of Can’t Look Away is truly brilliant. I really wasn’t sure that it would have a happy ending because of Molly’s unpredictability and Sabrina’s plans for her, but Lovering was able to tie everything together.

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