Rabbit Hole
December 11, 2023
Book Review

Rabbit Hole

reviewed by Fiona Cook

Theodora (Teddy) Angstrom’s world is shattered when her father deliberately drives his car off a bridge into a river, choosing the tenth anniversary of her sister’s disappearance for this tragic act. This new sorrow, layered upon a decade of unresolved pain, reveals the fragility of the life Teddy has built. Her quest for the truth threatens to unravel everything she holds dear.

Set in an era where true crime and technological advancements are unearthing long-buried secrets, Rabbit Hole masterfully blends modern tools with the timeless elements of a murder mystery. The novel highlights the significant role of platforms like Reddit, illustrating their profound impact on Teddy’s life. Teddy navigates the investigation both virtually and through face-to-face interactions, confronting the challenges of an internet era where privacy is easily breached.

Kate Brody presents a thriller that is also an insightful examination of grief. Teddy has lived for ten years with the constant ache of her sister’s absence, but the narrative begins with the fresh wound of her father’s suicide. Brody skillfully depicts the contrasting and intermingling forms of grief, showing how they lead to unpredictable behaviors. As Teddy dismantles her own life in pursuit of the truth, we learn more about her character—a woman pushed to her limits for the sake of love, regardless of whether those she loves can witness her efforts.

This novel, while heartbreakingly sad, is a hauntingly beautiful read. Its poignant exploration of loss and resilience leaves a lasting impression, stirring anticipation for Kate Brody’s next work.

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