Should I Fall
May 4, 2022

Book Review

Should I Fall

reviewed by Matt Hayden


Should I Fall by Scott Shepherd is a sequel to his novel The Last Commandment with the book featuring many of the same main characters and continuing very soon after the events of the 1st novel.

The book is thrilling and above all else, the hardest thing to put down, over the case of a weekend, I read it in 2 days and was always thinking about the book. I had not read the 1st book, until I had gotten through the 2nd, but after reading both, I can honestly say that Shepherd is fast becoming an expert in the world of mystery and thriller novels. With Should I Fall being a fast-paced and expertly crafted whodunnit that is just as much puzzling as it is entertaining.

The characters are engaging and easy to root for, even for someone who doesn’t know them from the original novel. I was reading the characters from the POV of not knowing who they were and what they stood for prior to us being told about them. This demonstrated the skill that Shepherd has as an author in creating a narrative which allowed us to become invested in characters no matter what other readers may already have known about them. Getting to spend time with John Frankel, Rachel and Austin Grant, got us to have a clear picture in our imagination about everything that was happening to the characters and play it out like a movie. With the way in which the story unfolds feeling very similar to the action films that are a dime a dozen in this day and age, I already hold out hope that these will become films!

The biggest compliment that I can give this book outside of the way in which the story developed, is the description of everything throughout the book. By getting to move from Manhattan to Miami to Maine, all of it is outlined perfectly to the reader with us getting to feel the breeze on our face, the shock in our emotions and the horror as the story begins to unfold. The manner in which everything is described to us is so visceral that the images our mind conjures is as close to perfect as it’s going to be. The ‘gore’ is also described in such a way that it feels beautiful, the use of blood and action as a way to push the plot forward rather than shock value, created everything I could have asked for. The set-up for the potential of this series going forward is something that I am strongly looking forward too and hope that we get to see the journey that Shepherd continues on as an author. It can’t be easy switching from writing for TV to writing novels, getting to see him be able to make this move efficiently gives me hope that more will in time cross the divide.

Should I Fall is going to be released on July 5th 2022 and is something that I have to recommend to all the readers of this site and hope that you get the chance to check out The Last Commandment in the time prior to its release, both are outstanding novels and are great reads for those who are interested in thrillers! 

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