American Traitor
February 12, 2021

Book Review

American Traitor

Brad Taylor

reviewed by Sarah Walton



Brad Taylor’s Taskforce thrillers have become synonymous with heart-pounding reads and “ripped from the headlines” geo-political implications. Every new novel carries a level of realism such that what appears on the pages might just as well be on the news.

Taylor has created a name for himself for traveling to the far corners of the world, rendering his novels with such a sense of realism that readers across the globe can connect to his writing. He writes in such detail that even a reader with limited travel experience can visualize the richness of exotic locations popping from the page.

Taylor’s latest thriller, American Traitor (book 15 in the Taskforce series), is a superb geo-political thriller that could have been a “breaking news” story, with on-the-ground detail that could only be penned by someone whose boots left prints in the mud.

American Traitor kicks off with Pike and Jennifer packing for a well-deserved vacation to Australia where they plan on meeting with an old Taskforce friend for some rest and relaxation. However, things take a drastic turn as soon as they land. Their friend, Clifford Delmonty, works as a contractor at an F-35 facility, and while at work one day, he comes across a closely held secret that he should not have seen. The Chinese have no desire for Delmonty to be walking around with this knowledge in his head, so they dispatch Chinese agents to deal with him. Only Pike and the Taskforce stand in the way of this ultimate goal.

Pike and Jennifer get caught up in this dastardly plot, and they discover that what Delmonty saw is related to a much bigger scheme. Working through China’s nefarious plan, Pike and Jennifer discover that the Chinese have a plot to bait Taiwan into a conflict that has no other endings than all-out war, and an eventual recapturing of the island nation. Pike, Jennifer, and the Taskforce team are sent on a highspeed chase to thwart this plan before it is too late.

American Traitor has just joined the top echelon of action thrillers. Brad Taylor has crafted a story with such absurd realism enmeshed with a heart-wrenching storyline of the child refugee Amena, who we were first introduced to in Daughter of War. Amena has burrowed herself in Pike and Jennifer’s heart, and in the readers’ as well. She is an amazing character who I hope we get to see in future novels to come. American Traitor is a stellar geo-political novel with that perfect touch of feeling.

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