Dark Intercept
June 2, 2021

Book Review

Dark Intercept

reviewed by Sarah Walton



Get ready for the new supernatural/spiritual military thriller by Brian Andrews and Jeffery Wilson, an already established powerful writing team. In Dark Intercept, we are introduced to Jedidiah Johnson (Jed), who, after a terrifying supernatural encounter one night with two close high school friends, leaves everything he knows behind, and flees his hometown and joins the Navy SEALs.

Years later, as Jed is about to be medically retired from the Navy, his once close high school friend contacts him with a heart wrenching plea to help find his kidnapped 12-year-old daughter. As Jed returns to his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee the events of the kidnapping begin to mirror what Jed experienced that fateful night that caused him to flee everything he knew. Jed, who has been a Navy SEAL his entire adult life, must become a private investigator to find this missing little girl. As Jed works this case, the voices and the visions he heard and saw that fateful night return, and Jed must take a leap of faith to embrace this strange phenomenon that he thought he left behind to find this little girl before it is too late.

Dark Intercept is a fantastic blend of supernatural thrills, crisis of faith, and military thriller all rolled into one. The reader is thrown into the story without a lot of background information, and soon learns what is going on as the novel progresses.

Of particular interest is the dilemma that Jed is put in when his estranged best friend asks him to help find his daughter. The reader automatically senses that there is some bad blood here, and as we read on and find out why, that punch is so much stronger due to not knowing right away. If there are any readers out there who have read this team of authors individual books, there is a character from a past novel that makes an appearance that added an “oh my gosh” element for any devoted fans.

Dark Intercept, is a great start to a new series. We have the military thriller component mixed in with the supernatural/faith storyline that is sure to bring in more fans into the thriller genre. Jed is a complex character that do doubt a lot of people can connect to as he struggles to figure out his faith journey. This is a unique crisis of faith novel that is sure to be a hit!

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