The Paris Apartment
January 22, 2022

Book Review

The Paris Apartment

reviewed by Chelsea Hofmann

Jess needs to get away quickly. The first and only place she can think of is her half-brother’s apartment in Paris. He didn’t sound thrilled when she asked to come stay, but Ben told her he would be waiting when she arrived.

Only, he wasn’t waiting… He wasn’t anywhere. When Jess finally gets into Ben’s apartment, she finds his keys and wallet, but Ben is nowhere to be found.

As time goes by and Ben still doesn’t appear, Jess decides to look closer. The people that live in Ben’s building are all strange and unusual, and they all have something to hide. Each one of them had their own experiences with Ben that makes them seem guilty. What do an alcoholic, a socialite, the nice guy, the concierge, and the girl on the edge have in common? Jess wants to find out.

Lucy Foley brings Paris to life in this atmospheric and eerie thriller. The scene was set perfectly and the apartment complex is a character on its own. Foley is the Agatha Christie of this generation, taking tons of red herrings and mysterious elements and bringing them together to write a suspenseful whodunnit. The characters in this story are unique, peculiar, and completely captivating. Each new narrator brings their own perspective to The Paris Apartment that draws the reader deeper into the story.

Foley is the master of the slow reveal, and gives a little bit at a time to lead up to the big reveal. You never quite know what to expect, which makes the plot even more exciting. This well-written and entertaining read is perfect for fans of Ruth Ware, Agatha Christie, and Foley’s previous books.

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