Don’t Look Now
May 19, 2021

Book Review

Don’t Look Now

Mary Burton

reviewed by Cara DiCostanzo



Jordan Poe is a cop to be reckoned with. Known for her incredible dedication to her cases, her newest case is baffling to her. A serial killer is on the loose in Austin, Texas and is suffocating small blonde females with a former drug addiction, specifically.

The murderer wraps them in plastic sheeting and watches them suffocate. 

Jordan’s sister, Avery, is a former drug addict who has been in recovery for two years. Girls that look like her are disappearing and all seem to have a connection to the drug dealer that Avery knew while she was using, and Jordan seeks her help in this case. When the petite female detective answers a victim’s call for help, she is assaulted with a billy club and remains blind throughout the rest of the novel. When a Texas ranger is brought in to take over the case, a relationship forms between Jordan and Spencer. She refuses to step back, feeling it has taken a personal turn for her and Ranger Spencer begins taking her with him as he investigates. As the romance between Jordan and Spencer develops, time is running out. When the murderer focuses on Jordan and Avery, this novel turns into a nail biter. 

All the characters in Don’t Look Now are relatable. Jordan, as the seasoned cop, is always worrying about her sister. And Ranger Spencer has a dark history, which shows in the way he investigates the crimes. But Avery particularly shines as the tentative addict in recovery, always checking on herself but also wanting to live her life. The book gets very interesting as Jordan loses her sight and navigates life as a vision impaired person. 

Don’t Look Now is a page turner. As the reader, I was so invested because I absolutely could not figure out who the serial killer was, though we get a sense it is someone hiding in plain sight. You can always tell a great mystery novel about how long you take to figure out who the perpetrator is. In this novel, it was the very last chapter. This is my first time reading Mary Burton and I am happy to have found an author that I am eager to read the rest of her library.  

This book is not for the fainthearted. There are sexual assault, drugs, and graphic scenes of battery. While listed this as a romantic mystery, Don’t Look Now may be best categorized as a mystery/thriller. 

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