Such Sharp Teeth
September 4, 2022
Book Review

Such Sharp Teeth

reviewed by Chelsea Hofmann

Weird, disturbing, creepy, and wonderful, Such Sharp Teeth is the perfect book for spooky season. Rory Morris is moving back to her childhood hometown to help out her pregnant twin sister Scarlett.

As soon as she is back in town, two things happen almost at the same time. The first is she reconnects with Ian, an old high school friend who could have been so much more. The second is that she hits a large animal with her car and ends up in the hospital after being bit.

Now, strange things are happening. Rory is starting to become much stronger than she was before. Her blood looks silver and she is constantly craving meat. She is changing into something new, a monster with uncontrollable urges. In conflict with her unnerving situation, Rory is trying to prepare her home for a baby and start a new relationship.

Rachel Harrison is one of my favorite authors to read near Halloween. Her writing is hilarious and relatable and the dark comedy is perfect for the subjects she chooses. Harrison is the master of pairing a horrific plot with fun and witty writing. She layers the deeper subjects of vulnerability and trauma and rage within the story in a way that is stunning to read. I felt myself having a range of emotions while reading a book that should have been a simple scary story.

The romance in the book served to show a power dynamic that was so different in other character’s relationships. I loved the characters in this book and it was easy to imagine their looks and voices. The character development in this book was particularly enjoyable and if you’re looking for a dark comedic horror with powerful feminine themes, this is the book for you!

Thank you to Berkley Publishing and Rachel Harrison for my ARC of this book. Opinions are my own. Such Sharp Teeth comes out on October 4, 2022

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