July 22, 2021

Book Review

Tell Me

reviewed by Chelsea Hofmann

After finding out her father is a serial killer, Reni Fisher is not okay. She leaves her job at the FBI and wants a simple life of creating the art she loves so much…even if her paintings are of the places her father left his victims.

But when detective Daniel Ellis calls, needing help with a case, she knows she is best suited to head up to the Pacific Crest Trail to survey the scene. Reni is also called because something isn’t quite right at the scene…it looks staged.

The only lead they have in the case is a video uploaded to social media showing the murder scene. The woman who uploaded it disappeared into thin air and no one is sure if it’s a hoax or the real thing. Regardless, there is the dead body of a hiking guide and three missing teenage girls, so something has gone horribly wrong.

After reading her first in the Inland Empire series, Find Me, I knew this series would be a hit, and Tell Me is just as compelling. Anne Frasier does an amazing job of drawing the reader into the story immediately. Reni is a dynamic, interesting, and flawed character that is easy to connect with. Her relationship with Daniel is real and heartwarming, especially when they’ve both been through so much. Broken characters are beautiful and these form a connection despite their pain.

The setting in this book is a character in itself. Being from this exact area in California, I know how well written these places are and could imagine myself in every one. The dry heat of the desert, the fresh air of the mountains, and the lonely stretches of drive all add context and atmosphere to a heart-pounding story.

This book includes social commentary about and the male entitlement, anger and fear of students in school and the dangers of social media. This book is perfect for people who are just starting to read thrillers and want to go on a fun and mysterious journey. It is easy to follow, easy to connect with, and has a satisfying ending.

Thank you to Thomas and Mercer and Anne Frasier for my ARC of this book. Opinions are my own. Tell Me comes out on July 27, 2021.

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