Undercover Wolf
May 5, 2021

Book Review

Undercover Wolf

Paige Tyler

reviewed by Pam Guynn

Undercover Wolf by Paige Tyler is riveting, suspenseful, and heart-pounding. It combines supernatural suspense, paranormal romance, and action-adventure in a thrilling novel that is the second book in the STAT: Special Threat Assessment Team series.

It also takes the reader on an international journey from France to Morocco to Greece and back to France. The reader is immediately plunged into the action and drawn into the story line.

In this story, supernatural beings are known to a few, but not all humans. As with humans, some supernatural beings are criminals and the United States has put together a team of supernatural beings and humans to deal with these criminals domestically as well as internationally. Harley Grant is an alpha werewolf and a member of STAT. Her team is looking for clues to lead them to kidnappers or their captives. They’ve received intelligence that there is a human trafficking ring operating in Paris.

Meanwhile alpha werewolf Sawyer Bishop works for MI6. His team doesn’t know that he is a supernatural and they don’t trust those that are. When a MI6 case overlaps that of STAT, Harley and Sawyer end up having to work together.

Both main characters have their flaws that made them seem more real. Whether it is loneliness, afraid of not being accepted by others, or not accepting themselves for what they are, there is an undercurrent of self-growth amidst the action, suspense, and slowly developing romance.

The author does a great job of world-building. I was able to easily visualize the settings, especially Paris. There are several twists to the story and it deals with important themes of prejudices, human trafficking, murder, revenge, terrorism, trust, and much more. Since there are several recurring characters in the book, it helps to read the series in order. That way, a reader is not learning all of the secondary characters at once, but gradually over time. This story was so full of action and excitement that it kept me turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next. I was kept fully invested in the mission becoming a success. My one quibble is that the ending was wrapped up a little too quickly.

Overall, this book was fast-paced, action-oriented, and entertaining. If you enjoy action thrillers with some romance that have both strong male and female characters set in a world where supernatural beings exist, then this may be the series for you. I can’t wait to find out what is next, whether it is another series or this one.

SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca and Paige Tyler provided a complimentary digital ARC of this novel via NetGalley. This is my honest review. Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way. Publication date is currently set for May 25, 2021.

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