Liar’s Point
May 17, 2024

Book Review

Liar’s Point

reviewed by Pam Guynn

Laura Griffin has interwoven a police procedural and crime novel with plenty of suspense and some romance in Liar’s Point. Solid investigation tackles the many lies the police are told. It’s filled with evasiveness and a growing sense of urgency.

This is the fifth book in the Texas Murder Files series and is set in the fictional town of Lost Beach, Texas

Detective Nicole Lawson gets a call from the chief of police while on her first date in months. A body has been discovered near the lighthouse. As the medical examiner does his job, he finds several clues pointing to homicide. The police chief assigns Emmet Davis as the lead on the case when Nicole feels she should have been given the lead. When a second person is found dead, no one seems to believe Nicole’s theory that they’re related.

Nicole lacks time for a personal life and is frustrated by this. She’s competitive, self-confident, observant, and has good instincts about people. However, she feels pressure to constantly prove herself and tends to “go it alone” at times. Work is also her comfort zone. Emmet has a good memory and is tenacious and competitive, but gets uncomfortable around people going through a crisis. Both show growth as the novel progresses. Their chemistry was undeniable. The other characters had varying degrees of depth.

I was quickly drawn into the story and the main characters were likeable and relatable. However, there are a lot of characters and reading the prior books would be beneficial. Readers of the series will reconnect with and get updates on some of the characters from the previous novels. The author is a wonderful storyteller who kept me turning the pages with a great plot, gripping scenes, and formidable characters. The plot is twisty with a mystery that unfolds and culminates in a suspenseful and tense conclusion. The pacing is fast and I found myself continuously wondering which lies would be uncovered and the truths revealed.

Overall, this is an excellent mystery thriller and police procedural with a side of romance interspersed. The characters were engaging and the second half of the novel was filled with tension, suspense, and intense action. It has just the right balance between mystery, investigation, and romance. While I read this as a standalone novel, I believe this series is best read in order. I am looking forward to reading the others. Enthusiasts of mysteries and police procedurals with some romantic suspense will likely enjoy this novel and the series.

Berkley Publishing Group and Laura Griffin provided a digital ARC of this novel via NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. Publication date is currently expected to be May 21, 2024.

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